Who is this chick?

family superman

This is Marie, Mark, Otis at the beach in 2013.

I am Marie, The Poor Mom. I read a lot of blogs and there aren’t a lot of voices out there that represent what life looks like for “poor” people. And I don’t really think we’re that poor. But we have a little bit of money, old cars, and the idea of renovating our entire kitchen “just because” seems absolutely bizarre. And on the Internet that seems to be considered poor.

You probably aren’t going to get any ideas for your next renovation project or wish you had my life after reading my blog BUT I might help us all smile a little more about what we DO have.

4 thoughts on “Who is this chick?

  1. internet elias says:

    Marie, I absolutely ‘love’ your page! Too cute! We should always remember ourselves as children and not take life SO seriously…except for the SERIOUS parts :smile:.

  2. Leandra says:

    Dittoing the previous comment.

  3. Kristy Taylor says:

    Are you related to the McKinney’s who have a candy factory in Donegal, Irealnd? My grandfather, Sam McKinney, is directly related to that clan. I’d be interested to know.



    I’m not sure, but I honestly doubt it. If anyone in my family owned a candy factory I would for sure know. I love candy. :D

  4. Happy to learn a little bit more about you! :) Adorable family!

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