Who is this chick?


I’m Marie, The Poor Mom. That’s us, The Poor Family.

I renamed this blog ‘The Poor Mom’ because between Pinterest and stylized lifestyle/mommy blogs there didn’t seem like there were enough normal moms with normal problems working out of normal budgets.

True story: I don’t feel like a “Poor Mom.” Actually? I feel almost rich most days because our days are filled with love and family and peace. Can I really ask for more?

I started to feel bad about calling myself a “Poor Mom” so I looked up how much money it takes to be in the middle class in Nashville, TN. I found┬áthis:

middle class nashville

Yup. I’m poor.

Most of the time I’m going to write about things that I think are funny. Sometimes I’ll highlight our ‘poorness.’ All of the time I’ll use gifs.

The Poor Mom

P.S. Yes, my husband hates the name of this blog. So I would just like to add that I love our life and I love both the money we have AND the money we don’t have.

P.P.S. Let’s pretend this blog becomes the end all be all of all mommy blogs and rakes in huge amounts of cash. I would like to formally say, right now, that if anyone gives me money or products I’m not keeping anything. If this blog produces any income at all it will go straight to moms who really are struggling, specifically I’d like to donate to our community food bank, The Branch.

4 thoughts on “Who is this chick?

  1. internet elias says:

    Marie, I absolutely ‘love’ your page! Too cute! We should always remember ourselves as children and not take life SO seriously…except for the SERIOUS parts :smile:.

  2. Leandra says:

    Dittoing the previous comment.

  3. Kristy Taylor says:

    Are you related to the McKinney’s who have a candy factory in Donegal, Irealnd? My grandfather, Sam McKinney, is directly related to that clan. I’d be interested to know.



    I’m not sure, but I honestly doubt it. If anyone in my family owned a candy factory I would for sure know. I love candy. :D

  4. Happy to learn a little bit more about you! :) Adorable family!

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