Marie blogs about marriage, surprise parenthood, and cat rearing.

This is

  • She likes telling stories.
  • She has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.
  • She coaches married couples.
  • She wrote a book, This Bleep is Hard.
  • She knows better than to pout. But she still does it.
  • She loves The Internet.

She’s married to Mark.tux-baby

  • He writes songs.
  • He thinks. A lot.
  • And can fix anything.
  • He tries to get mad at Marie. But she’s too cute.
  • He has more hobbies than most people dream about.

Their son is Otis.

  • He was born in 2011.
  • He has been throwing tantrums since the day he was born. Literally.
  • His laughter is contagious.
  • Yes, Marie realizes he’s never missed a meal.
  • He is wonderful and Marie wants 5 more just like him.

They have

  • Nala is a grey boy. Omi is a black girl.
  • They sleep a lot.
  • Omi loves to sit on your lap. When you’re using the bathroom.
  • Nala sleeps in the bed with Mark, Marie, and Otis. They have no clue where Omi sleeps.
  • They are indifferent to Otis.