History of Blogging: marie’s story

I’ve always been a diary keeper.

There was the diary I got for my kindergarten graduation….

Dear Diary, Because this is how every diary entry is supposed to begin
     Kigh yes, that really was his name is soooooooo cute no, he wasn’t really “soooooooo cute”, but I thought that boys were the only thing one could discuss in a diary entry!
See you later,

I believe that was the only thing I wrote.  In the whole thing.

I have journals from junior high to my sophomore year of college.  Detailing everything from my discovery of chat rooms

Ok, Athena there was a week where I named my diary “Athena”… I don’t know why, so I’m talking to this guy, MortisHorse.  He is awesome! I’ve been talking to him all day… on the internet! How cool, huh?!? How cool is it to find punctuation other than exclamation points, 14 year old Marie!?!?

To deciding what I should change my major to that week

I really don’t know what to do.  Am I allowed to change my major? Again?  I mean, once every semester is a lot of changing.  Why am I so indecisive?  college journal entries were mostly questions… lots and lots of questions Gosh, I’m hungry. I need a s’more.  I was always hungry… for s’mores.


And then I found out about blogging and started writing here for the rest of my time at Tech.

Once I was back home in Nashville, and had made some pretty significant life changes I didn’t feel so comfortable with my old blog home.  I quietly moved over to Myspace blogging.

I’ve just started a new chapter in my life, and all of a sudden feel like I need a new place to put my thoughts and experiences. 

So here you are.  Today.  At








2 thoughts on “History of Blogging: marie’s story

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