Hump Day #1

Lots of bloggers do something “special” on certain days of the week.  Once a week one blogger will share a new recipe.  Or sometimes bloggers limit their “blogs about kids” to one day of the week.  Typically, there is a cute name assigned for branding purposes, like “Soup Saturday” or “Mikey’s Misadventures Monday”.

On my old blog I had two special days.  One was “Conspiracy Theory Thursday” and I would come up with… well, a conspiracy theory.  I think I only did that for 3 weeks.  Wednesdays had a theme, too, I just can’t remember the details. Something about telling the white man to kiss my butt… “White Man, Kiss My Butt Wednesday”, maybe?.

I dig theme days.  I love consistency.  There are rarely surprises on theme days.  I’m more likely to blog because it is a built in prompt for the day, ya know?

I like theme days so much that I will have a theme day on this blog. 

Wednesday is… wait for it…
Hump Day!

Given my recent mastery of all things marriage and family (via a master’s degree not experience), I have decided that I will discuss the topic of sex and intimacy. 

I’ve been trying to think of neat informational tidbits that I’ve gathered in my learning.  However, there isn’t much I learned that you couldn’t find in your latest issue of Cosmo.

I do have this, though…

My final in the class was a role play in front of the whole class helping a client through a sexual issue using a technique that we had learned.

I hate talking in front of groups of people.  I hate role playing.  Surprisingly, I hate talking about sex in front of groups of people.  This wasn’t looking very good.

The only thing that was working for me was motivation.  Motivation in that Marie does not get B’s.  Heck no.

I decided that my client, a female in an unhappy marriage, had come to me saying that she was unable to have an orgasm.  She complained about her husband’s technique and her fatigue.  She was pretty decided that the orgasm just wasn’t going to happen for her.

My goal as the therapist was to guide her to the understanding that she is in control of her orgasm.  No one “gives” her anything.  She allows, or doesn’t allow, the orgasm to happen.  She is very much the primary activist for her orgasm’s success.

I used this fable as an intervention.  We talked about how she was the beggar, and was in so much more control of her situation than she gave herself credit for.

At this point in the role play my “client” grows empowered and says, “Yes, I am in control of my orgasm!”

I, being the awesome therapist that I am, say, “Yes! You. Are. The. Orgasm!”

 Classic.  (The entire class, professor included, is now laughing out loud)

It is true, though.  Orgasms have very little to do with amazing techiniques, impressive flexibility or even finding mysterious and well-hidden erogenous zones.  Nope.  It’s being present to each moment leading up to.  It’s allowing yourself to enjoy all the wonderful sensations.  We really are, ultimately, responsible for our satisfaction.

This was our first Hump Day experience, and I’ve already raided the library in order to gather interesting tidbits for next week!

One thought on “Hump Day #1

  1. The Samuria Rabbi says:

    oh…ah.. Ohh..OOHH….YES this is a fun blog topic … just had to work up to saying it 🙂

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