“Y’all got married, too?!”

Mark and I left for our honeymoon the day after the wedding at 4:30 in the morning.  From Nashville we went to South Carolina, and from South Carolina to Jamaica.

By the time we got to the gate at the airport in South Carolina it was pretty obvious that we had reached honeymoon central.  Nearly every person headed to Jamaica was pretty young and paired off.  Lots of the girls had their hair still in sleek updos or bouncy curls.  There was something about the way every guy held his left hand that let you know that the ring was a new addition to his jewelry collection. 

It didn’t take a genius to figure out 95% of us had gotten married on May 17th.

Our seating assignment left Mark and I split up, both sitting in aisle seats but split up nonetheless.  Instead of talking across the aisle for the entire trip Mark and I decided to sleep and/or read for the 3 hour flight.  The couple behind me, also split by the aisle, decided to carry on a conversation regardless.  This was fine by me.  Heck, it made my inevitable eavesdropping even easier.

They were a cute little couple from Knoxville.  He seemed pretty easy going.  She was a perfectly tanned and blonde little thing.  Really an adorable couple.  I think the best way to describe them would be to compare them to Nick and Jessica.  He was probably both attracted to and disgusted by her ditziness.

At some point during the flight Brad (the husband’s name) had fallen asleep.  This left “Jessica” (I never caught her name) to make small talk with her neighbors.  She finds out that the couple she is sitting next to got married on… May 17th!

“Brad!” she screeched,  “THEY got married yesterday, too! Oh mah gaw!”

“Really? I bet they got married yesterday, too!” he said, sarcastically pointing to a random couple behind him.

‘Jessica’ turned around with a quizzical look on her face, and the couple in question nodded affirmation of Brad’s ‘suspicion’.  At this point people sitting close by are turning around to get a look at ‘Jessica’. 

“Was she serious?”, we all wondered.

“Oh. Mah. Gaw.” she said stunned. “May 17th, 2008? This is crazy! Brad, we’re gonna have to get a picture with these people… I mean, what are the odds, right?”

I was turned around looking at them the entire time.  Brad just rolled his eyes, and everyone smirked quietly.  She was serious!

I told this story atleast 8 times to whoever would listen that week.  “You should have seen this one girl on the plane…”

Partly because I thought it was hilarious.  And partly because Mark said my Southern accent was cute… ah, the things I’ll do to be cute!


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