Don’t pretend to enjoy Hump Day

One of the key truths about Hump Day is that to pretend to enjoy it is to ruin it for everyone involved.

Hump Day requires complete honesty in order for optimal satisfaction to be achieved.  Because what is being shared between the blogger and bloggee right now, this beautiful relationship of writing and reading, giving and receiving, all of it could be broken and thrown away because of one. Simple. Tiny.  Insignificant. Lie.

There are plenty of reasons one should not make false or exaggerated claims in the intimacy department.

1)  Behavior is easily conditioned… don’t help condition bad behavior. 

I once pretended to enjoy something that made absolutely no sense to enjoy (I won’t say what I pretended to enjoy, but it was the equivalent of being turned on because someone wiggled your big toe… it made no sense at all).  Well, from then on out “wiggling my big toe” was the go to technique because it was connected to making Marie “happy”.  So I was “locked” (I know I wasn’t really locked, it was my choice to pretend, but I sure felt locked!) into pretending to be happy because of toe wiggling for months!  I eventually told the person I didn’t need anymore toe wiggling, but it sure was a lot of unnecessary toe action!

2)  He wants to make you feel good!

Mark and I had to read a book called The 5 Sex Needs of Men & Women during our pre-marital counseling.  One of the sex needs of a man is to know that a woman is enjoying herself.  A significant part of his satisfaction comes from knowing that he is pleasing her.  Men are eager to learn what makes his woman feel amazing! Quit worrying about not wanting him to feel bad, and start worrying about making him feel great… tell him what you want!

3)  Ummm, it’s lying.

What is really beautiful about a sexual experience is that it is complete openness and intimacy with someone else.  There is a feeling of safety to let your guard down, and letting another person in and completely enjoying the safety that exists.  Lying and pretending to feel something that isn’t felt communicates the idea that you don’t feel safe which robs both people of something beautiful and bond enhancing.

Hope everyone enjoys a happy, honest Hump Day!

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