“I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.” – Mother Teresa

Mark and I have had a love-hate relationship with church for the longest time.  We’ve been to numerous churches in our time together; traditional churches, Living Room Churches, church plants, trendy urban churches.  I won’t lie, sometimes I think this has been a good thing for both of us, forcing us to think about where we are worshipping and what we believe worship and service is about.  Sometimes I think we just need to make up our mind and commit already.

Now we are at Storyline Church.  We are really liking the people that we’ve met so far.  I don’t know how to explain what I love about the people… let’s see.

Sometimes I will drink coke for days on end.  Every meal is with coke.  Coke for breakfast.  Every thirst is quenched with syrupy goodness. 

Then my stomach starts hurting.  I get thirstier and thirstier with every drink I take. I’m really starting to question my eating habits…

I finally go for water.  I feel refreshed, I feel like my body is saying, “Yes, this is what I wanted…”

That refreshed, “Ahhh….” feeling is what Storyline has done for me. 

The week of our wedding one of the girls I had met at Storyline, Jenn, insisted that we get together for dinner.  We had been trying to get together for the longest, and I just didn’t think it was going to happen that side of the wedding day.  But she insisted, and I figured “Why not?”

Long story short, all four of the girls from Storyline ended up surprising me with a “Bridal Shower” dinner at Opryland Hotel (at the restaurant Mark and I celebrated our engagement at).

I almost cried.  Ok, I think I did cry… just very discreetly.  I don’t want to go into how I was feeling the weekend prior, but it wasn’t good at all.  And this surprise dinner with not necessarily “close”, but extremely loving church friends? 

Wow.  I was completely taken aback with the hugeness of their gesture in my world.

I was taken aback by the extravagance of God’s love.  I really believe my crying was heard, and my heart really was healed in a way none of these girls will probably ever know. 

I still have all sorts of “qualms” about our current choice of church (“Mark, we don’t live in West End… why are we worshipping there???”), but I can’t help but believe that these kids have heart.

One thought on ““I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.” – Mother Teresa

  1. The Rabbi Samurai says:

    Church… ya… a bit of a dirty word but I am with you with regard to the people. I am tired of the complete and total lack of interest that “Church” has in my life , other than when I show up on Sundays. I often wonder why they even bother to try and grow… I heard someone say that if you dont take care of Gods Sheep…. God will find someone who will. The oposite is true as well.

    I too have qualms about the church we are in, yet anytime your involved with people nothing is going to be perfect. I am an idealist by nature, and according to the test we took… I am also a bit of a Commander so I always have idea about how it should be… yet its really not my job to dictate how its going to be. You know this of course. What I like is that it seems to be willing to try and follow gods Lead in things rather than trump up another program to do this or that.

    As for being in West End…. ya I agree. I have always found it difficult to be heavily involved with something that’s a good distance from home. That said the people at Storyline do seem to have heart, and as long as the relationships hold up I am game. After that point… its time to try somewhere else.

    I guess it all comes down to how you view the purpose of the Church. I know it has several functions, yet I believe that if it is not firmly committed to caring for the people present, the rest may not even matter. I personally would like to be involved with the doing… i want to go paint a room at a boys shelter… or volunteer time at a homeless shelter… I want to go help people who could use the help.

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