Expressing Your Hawtness on Hump Day

I skimmed through Deepak Chopra’s idea that there are Seven Stages of Love.  Well, in reality, I read the first one, and didn’t read the rest.  I guess that means that I read Chopra’s first stage of love.

The first stage of love is “Attraction”.  That first time that your eyes meet, and you feel electricity.  Or that certain something about that certain someone that keeps you staring for certain! 

I hear the word attraction and I immediately think of teeny tiny outfits or those amazingly cut arms that you’d find on the cover of the latest Harlequin (is it hot in here??).  It’s all about the outside, the presentation, right?

Not so much, says Chopra (and the reason that I didn’t really care need to read the rest of the stages).  He says that we are attracted to naturalness.  A person comfortable being who he or she is.  A person who loves him or herself.  That sexiness really does come from the inside.

But that’s a little too mushy-gushy, Kumbaya for me some days.  I mean, how can you tell me my attractiveness depends on my “being natural” when we’re surrounded by images of the perfect plastic body?

I’m right there with you, girls (yes, I’m 99% sure that Mark and Nala are my only male readers… yes, Nala is a boy… shutup).

So here is your Hump Day assignment, if you should choose to accept it.

1)  Turn off your t.v.!  Don’t put any more images of plastic perfection into your head.  No more!  It’s pollution and it hurts us.  Stop!

2)   Put that outfit on.  You know the outfit.  The one that makes you feel comfortable, cute, sexy and YOU all at the same time.  Don’t have that out fit?

3)  Go buy the outfit that makes you feel comfortable, cute, sexy and YOU all at the same time.

4)  Look at that part of your body for 15 minutes, and love it.  You know the part of your body I’m talking about.  The part you love.  The part you are sure that if there was a magazine dedicated to said body part yours would sooo make it in.  It might not even be a whole body part, but just the way your body curves or the way it moves.  Love it.  For 15 minutes. 

Express your You-ness and you will be effortlessly showcasing your Hawtness!

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