The 15 Dollar Store

I really don’t have much to blog about.  Normally, I’d remedy this by writing about the cat.  But the cat has had a hard week, and even I have a cold heart.

I could tell you about getting hit on by a guy named Gunner when I was at Wal-Mart last week.  I rudely told him I knew a dog named Gunner.  He said he knew one, too.  I actually wrote that blog, but deleted it because I sounded really mean.  Even Mark thought so.

I could tell you that every time I’ve eaten Spaghettio with Meatballs (my favorite meal.  Ever.) this week someone has looked at me and asked, “How can you eat that?”. One of those people being my husband.  Obviously some people have no appreciation for a true culinary masterpiece.

I could tell you why I’m in no hurry to start recycling.  Oh, that’s right.  I. Don’t. Recycle.

But I’m going to tell you about something far more important, and that could actually help you.  Because I’m in the business of helping people.  Because I love people.  People matter.

I am the all time cheap skate when it comes to clothes.  More than likely if it costs more than $10 I’m going to have to think very long and very hard about the purchase.  Very few articles of clothing seem worthy of more than a Hamilton (he is on the ten dollar bill, right?).

This used to mean that I was relegated to Wal-Mart for my clothing.  Oh, that’s right.  I don’t recycle and shop at Wal-Mart.  I’m a bad, bad girl.

Not anymore, friend, not anymore.

All the items are 15 dollars.  Fifteen. 1-5.  That’s only 5 dollars more than my typical limit, I’m willing to budge!  And the items are all labels that you’d find at places like Macy’s or other similar department stores.

I got my two dresses today.  My 2 $15 dresses.  Oh, it was cheap person heaven!

Go check it out.  And when someone asks, “How on earth do you stay so fashionable during this terrifying recession?”

You can say, “Oh, I read Marie’s blog… she cares!”

You’re welcome, friend, you’re welcome.

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