YOU would be such a great Cat Parent…

My family is full of people with big hearts.  We want to help, we really do.  I’m afraid, however, that we aren’t very good at responsibility…

When Callie, the permanently stray cat, found her way to our house we could not turn her away.  Or her 7 kittens.

Fortunately, Mark decided to take Nala a while ago, so that only left 6 at the McKinney Farm.

Unfortunately, we can’t seem to find homes for the other 6 kittens.

These sweet…

 Is it Sweet in here?  Or is it just me?


Hello, Sweet Kitten, how are you feeling today?
Wonderful, Friendly Kitten, thank you so much for your friendliness!


To be? Or not to be? That is the… oh, there’s a bug!

totally into internet social networking sites…

This is so going to be my profile pic… it totally captures my highly intelligent, emo, awesomeness!

It doesn’t take much to be a cat parent.  It is probably the easiest thing you could ever do (just get your animals fixed), and be truly successful (if you define success as keeping an animal sheltered, alive, and abstinent).

They are great company, and there are a couple of cuddlers in the group. 

What I’m trying to say is if you are failing miserably at everything in life and need a hug then take a cat!  You can’t screw it up, and if you catch one for long enough you could probably get a hug in before they start clawing at you!

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