Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

She really is everything this picture suggests.  She is fun.  She is happy.  She is beautiful.  Her hair is awesome.  You’re just a little bit happier just being around her.

She is a Rock Star.

She is also my baby sister, and we were introduced 14 years ago today.

There are some things wrong with that sentence.  First, she is not a baby.  Not at all.  She is mature, confident, and so caring.  So very caring.  There are rumors that she once cheered for a girl as the entire student body booed.  This girl does not cave to peer pressure, she knows herself too well.

The other thing that is wrong is that she is 14!  Where did all that time go?  When did she grow up?  She cannot be 2 years away from driving.  Weeks away from high school?!?  You’ve got to be kidding me!

But it isn’t a joke.  She is 14.  And I’m so proud to know this awesome lady is my sister.

Happy birthday, Baby Girl!

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