You made your bed, now please shut up and go to sleep.

For the past three Sundays this conversation has played out in the inner sanctum of the Cereal Factory…

Mark:  Man, I wish there was a football game on today…
Marie:  That would be awesome.
Mark:  Seriously.  It’d be great to just zone out to the game, ya know?
Marie:  Sure do.  I love football.
Mark:  Yeah. Me too.

Unfortunately, we have about a month until our addiction is fed, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some serious football drama going down.  And I love football drama (when it is football drama, not arrest drama or dog fighting drama)…

From what I understand Brett Favre was arguably the best quarterback to play the game.  More than that, he was “old school”.  He loyally played for one of the most football crazy teams in the league, the Green Bay Packers.  His passion and endurance made it obvious to most anyone that this man loved the game.

And we loved him because he loved the game.  I’ve never been a big Packers fan, but I respected what Favre meant to the game.  Money and fame didn’t drive him, love for football did and it really warmed my heart to see that.

In March he made the decision to retire.  Green Bay wasn’t excited about this.  He had just had his best season ever, they wanted very much for him to stay.  But Favre insisted it was time to go, he couldn’t give enough anymore.  Fair enough.  We applauded and watched a true legend bow out.  There were rumors that it was a crybaby move on Favre’s part because the Packers didn’t make a move to get Randy Moss, but few could believe someone as honorable as Favre would do such a thing.

Then in May “the itch” came back, and Favre wanted to return.  The Packers’ management began shifting draft decisions and starting positions to accomodate this wish.  Aaron Rodgers, the backup quarterback who has been waiting in Favre’s shadow for years would have to wait once again. 

Then Favre changed his mind.  Days before the draft he called the Packers to say he would not be returning, sorry.  Management once again made changes to who and what they would now need from the draft, and Rodgers was once again deemed the Packers’ new starting qb.

Where are we at now?  Favre wants to come back.  He wants to be released from his obligation to the Packers.  I get the impression that he really wants to return to Green Bay, just not as the backup to Rodgers which is the option the Packers’ management has given him.  He wants to be released and considers it unfair that Green Bay won’t obey his wishes.

Personally, the whole thing infuriates me.  I understand that Favre gave a lot to the Packers, and maybe they “owe” him, maybe they don’t (personally, I think when you are making millions of dollars a year you’ve been more than reimbursed for your services, but that’s just my opinion), but there are rules and agreements that he entered.  That he should be responsible enough to uphold. 

It infuriates me even more because this isn’t a mentality that exists only in pampered, egotistical celebrity crybabies.  It is everywhere!  Everyday people want to argue that their actions shouldn’t have consequences.  We want to make any decision without realizing that, yes, there will be repurcussions for our actions. Shocking, I know.

And now?  We’re supposed to feel sorry for Brett because?? Because he didn’t get his way.  Because his decision to retire has consequences.  Because he still has legally binding obligations to this organization that he doesn’t want to fulfill because “it’s not fair”. Please, please, please give me a break.

Seriously, when did we become a society that completely forgot about the concepts of cause and effect???

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