Stop and smell… the Hump Day?

Because I love themes…

I can’t smell anything. At all. I’ve just never been all that sensitive to smell. And it has never been a problem for me…

And then I married The Nose.

“Do you smell that?” he’ll ask.

Sniff, sniff.


“Hmm, I think someone is grilling out… in Knoxville.”

He smells everything.

So I figured I’d ask The Nose for his opinion on the connection between smell and the bedroom…
“Do you think smell can turn a person on?” I asked.

“Me? Or society as a whole?”

“Society first.”


“And what about you?”

“Yeah, sure, things that smell good are always nice.”

So there we have it, The Nose (a.k.a. the expert on smell, a.k.a. my husband) says smell is… important.

Like my “research” would end there…

Turns out that some of the most tantalizing smells for men are cheese pizza and buttered popcorn. The natural conclusion is that us women folk should lather ourselves in cheese pizza body lotion and wash our hair with butter (and pray to God we aren’t lactose intolerant), right?

What if the reason for the odd smell turn ons is less the actual smell and more what the smell is connected to? I’m thinking cheese pizza and buttered popcorn are likely staples for dates, and dates are likely times to get friendly, extra friendly if you catch my drift (wink, wink). Smell is, after all, the sense most strongly connected to memory. So lots of men smell a cheese pizza, or get a whiff of some popcorn they are conditioned to think there is nookie in their future (think Pavlov’s dog here).

The power in this is that we are not limited to our connections! We have the power to condition ourselves, or our luhvahs, to any smell we please.

Then? Whenever we want what we want we just have to spray the house down with our sexy smell and the lovin’ is on.

Can you smell what the Hump is cookin’??

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