Cat Wars

Nearly every weekday morning Mark and I send up small prayers for the day.   We are the farthest things from “prayer warriors”, but we like to bring our daily concerns together to God each morning.

“Lord,” I prayed, “please guide Mark and I as we decide whether or not to get another cat.”

I love Nala, I know I don’t blog like it, but I do.  To be compeltely honest, he likes me, too.  He lets me pet him, and he greets me at the door when I get home.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been fully accepted as a member of his family.

However, he is, and always will be, Mark’s cat. 

Unfortunately, I’m a brat.  And I want my own cat, too.

So I’ve been bugging Mark since the day I moved in about how great it would be to have another cat.  Mark says that he isn’t exactly big on getting another cat, but if I want one he isn’t going to stop me.

Now, I’m a rule-following permission-getter…

“So, you’re cool with me getting a cat?”

“I didn’t say that.  I don’t want a cat.  But if you want one, you can get one.”

“Yeah… yeah, I’m gonna need you to say you’re cool with it.  That you want another cat.”

“I’m not saying it.  I don’t want another cat, but I’m not against getting one if it’s what you want.”

We went back and forth like this for weeks, and he finally caved…

“Get the cat.  I’m cool with it.”

But you know how when you finally get “what you want”, you start reconsidering if you really want it?  So I started to semi-backpedal leading to our prayer for wisdom on bringing another cat into our home.

Now I think this whole time Nala has trusted that Mark would keep his sole feline status safe.  Mark was his brother, partner in crime, wing man, “Big Buddy”, Mark could never actually cave to the desires of the Crazy Lady, right?  Pals before gals, right?

Nala must have overheard our prayer time and realized he was a lone ranger in the fight against Marie’s irrational desire for another cat.  Time to take matters into his own paws…

That afternoon Nala bounded up to me as I walked into the house after a long day at work. 

“Meow!” he said looking at me with those big “Puss ‘n Boots” from Shrek eyes that screamed ‘Pet me… please?’

“Aw, hi, Nala, how are you today?” I asked as I pet him.

“Meow, meow,” he chattered on as he got comfortable in my lap.

Comfortable in my lap.

This cat was schmoozing me!  He was all of a sudden uber friendly, which I loved, but I knew it was a sham.

 “Nala, you’re not fooling anyone.  I know you’re only being nice because you know we’re talking to God about getting another cat.”


“Don’t act all innocent.  I’m going to keep petting you because I love you tremendously, but be prepared.  A new cat will be joining us soon.”

“Meow!” he said angrily as he jumped off of my lap to pout in a corner.

I got off the couch and immediately called my mom letting her know I’d be picking up a kitten this weekend.

That’s right, Nala, I win.  I always win.

2 thoughts on “Cat Wars

  1. Candice says:

    Hey! My co-worker has a solid black kitten that is very sweet and loving if you want her. She’s declawed and spayed.

    Just incase you didn’t have a large enough selection of kittens to choose from.

  2. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    Heh, sorry, I’m going to have to take one from my mom… she’d kill me if I went elsewhere for my kitten desire 🙂

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