A Really long last name…

I finally got my name changed on my driver’s license.  And it has to be the longest name in the history of the world…

Marie Ann McKinney-Oates.

By the time I get to the second ‘n’ I’m excited because I’m almost done signing my name.  That’s not a good thing.

My mom laughed when she saw my license.

“You’re silly,” she said.


“You aren’t supposed to keep your middle name when you’ve kept all your names.”

“But McKinney-Oates is my whole last name, it’s one piece.  I’m not like you and dropped my middle name to fill in with my last name… don’t judge me.”

“It’s just really long.”

I knew it was really long.  But I like Ann.  And I was keeping it goshdarnit.

“Hee, hee”

“Woman, what are you laughing about now?”

“Hee, hee…Look at your signature…” 

 Yeah.  I noticed that, too.  I had poorly planned the spacing for my new name.  You’ll see that I don’t seem to realize this is going to be a problem until I get to about the ‘K’ in McKinney (as opposed to the k’s in your name, Marie?), and just smoosh the rest of it onto the electronic pad I was signing.  Not to mention I am too big of a weenie to ask for a do over.

So there it is my gigantically long and illegible signature.

6 thoughts on “A Really long last name…

  1. Susan says:

    Can’t wait to see your married kid’s driver’s license. They may have to start making the license bigger by then. lol

  2. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    Ha! You make me laugh 😀

  3. Candice says:

    I kept all my names too. My legal name is Candice Colleen Tucker Fults! When signing stuff, I just sign it Candice Fults. If they ask for a middle initial, I really have to think about it. I usually T for Tucker. However, a lot of “legal” stuff uses the C. It’s pretty confusing.

    On my driver’s license, they abbrievated it to Candice C T Fults. (Which looks to me like I have a nickname/”aka”/code name/secret spy identity/I’m cooler than you because I have 2 initials between my first and last name.)

    So, I semi-understand. Just sign M swiggly line, M swiggly O swiggly for your name. See! Simple fix and you don’t have to actually write it all.

  4. Wende says:

    Oh, Darlin… you should see Georges’ birth certificate. His DL is going to be ridiculous. Not that I’m letting him drive until he’s 25. He has two middle names and two last names. I keep asking him, “What are you going to do if the girl you marry has a hyphenated name?

    In truth though, we didn’t hyphenate his last names on his BC so that if he decided to drop the Oates part, it was just a matter of doing so.

    The BIG question is, has MARK gotten his name changed on his DL? Heh.

  5. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    Secret Agent CT, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who kept all the names!! And I am practicing/resorting to the swigglies, I just always liked being able to read my name, heh.

    Wende, with all those names it’s hard to believe he isn’t some form of royalty 😀 And, no, Mark hasn’t changed anything! But he just got a new karate belt, and it came with a certificate that says “Mark McKinney”… which I thought was awesome 😀 Now that I’ve done part of my name changing duties, I feel free to begin the marital nagging :p

  6. Candice says:

    Maire – you are too funny! I love it!

    Secret Agent CT

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