Blind Date

I’ve always wanted to go on a blind date.  Always.

One of the honest to goodness thoughts I had the night before I got married was, “I am never going to go on a blind date.  A life dream dies”.

So many questions would go unanswered…

What kind of guy would my friends set me up with?  What would we talk about?  Would it be love at first sight?  Or a great story of awkwardness?  Would I ask him something dumb in the first five minutes, like “So… do you think I’m hot…or what?”  Or would my witty, charming self manage to shine?

Alas, God with Infinite Wisdom and Grace, had a plan.

February – I get a ticket for speeding.

Beginning of March – I go to traffic school so that this will be taken off of my record and stops my insurance from going up.  I meet a guy named Aaron.  He is nice.  He mentions that him and his wife have recently moved to town.  We don’t necessarily “talk” a lot, but I think he seems nice.  I officially know 2 things about Aaron.  His wife works at a local elementary school, and the name of the state they moved here from.

I feel like I should get his information, invite him and his wife to hang out with Mark and I…but I don’t.

End of March – I am being nagged by thoughts of hanging out with random guy from traffic school (what was his name?) and his wife.

Start internet stalking.

Go to school’s website to just take a look at the teachers’ names.

“Hmmm, I think she was a music teacher… oh, look, ‘Click here’ for bios, (click)  Amanda… from the state that no one else is from… new teacher… by golly I think I’ve found her!”

I should have stopped there, right?  I should NOT have cold emailed a random man’s wife (who I have not met) to see if her and her husband, who I met three weeks ago in traffic school, would like to go to dinner… or something.  Right?

But I did.

She thinks I’m crazy, but is intrigued.  So we banter back and forth about hanging out.  Even though we. have. not. met.

We’re crazy.

May – Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten together yet.  And Mark and I are in the middle of wedding planning, so I just pretend the whole episode will just be filed away as “silliness that happens when Marie internet-stalks”…

July – She (Amanda) emails ME out of the blue!  Maybe I should be scared, like when the hand pops out of the grave at the beginning of Zombies Walk The Earth in Leather Boots II, but I’m not.  I think it’s cool.  I’m not the only crazy internet stalker.  This is a good thing.  We’ll probably get along.

Last Friday – Mark and I are on our first couple’s blind date with Aaron and Mandie!  We met at a restaurant, and knew nothing about each other.  At all.  I was terrified.  I am being dead serious when I say that I was thisclose to making up index cards with questions to ask/discuss… ya know, in case things got awkward.  Because nothing gets rid of awkwardness like pulling out prepared questions on index cards, nothing.

Fortunately, they were wonderfully sweet, talkative, and interesting.  We even look forward to…get this… hanging out again!

I will say that I am finding myself consumed with questions like, “Why so much trouble to meet one random couple, God?”

Part of me thinks that my heart is known, and I wanted to go on a blind date, and I got to.

God also knew that an experience as important as this one, a first blind date, really should be saved for after marriage.

One thought on “Blind Date

  1. Secret Agent CT says:

    Two things:

    1. I meet a good friend of a friend at driving school, 4 years ago. It was hilarious!! I ramdomly decided to sit next to this nice looking pregnant chic. We started talking and I found out she was my friend’s friend. We each had heard lots about each other. We just hadn’t met yet. Thanks to driving school, mission accomplished!!

    2. I went out on a blind date before. Your blind date went much better than mine! I am too scared to try it again!!! Married blind dating sounds a little easier though. At least you have someone on your team already and you can bail together!! ha

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