Touch me like Isaac, Hump Day

Isaac Hayes once said that he made music the way he made love.  He believed in starting off light, layering sounds one on top of another, building up to a crescendo, and then bringing it all back down.

I heard this description of his work in the studio and in the bedroom, and I thought, “Genius”.

Isaac Hayes’ music is a wonderful answer for the “how to” of touching…

With touch the build up is probably the most important technique to master.  More important than the Swedish Monkey.  The DJ Turntable.  The Slip Slidin Good Time.  Yes.  Even the Slip Slidin Good Time.

Build up as  tool requires that we keep some of Hayes’ key principles in mind…

  1. Start Soft You can’t go anywhere if you start at your destination.  You picking up what I’m putting down?
    Beginning with light touches allows you to go somewhere with the intensity.  Don’t be an over eager beaver!  It’s why nearly every one of those “surprise parties” includes a feather duster item, it allows you to touch and tease with the softest of starts.
  2. Layer Just like Hayes uses different sounds on top of one another, it’s important to vary the types of touching along the journey.  As the intensity of the touch increases, don’t be afraid to touch in different ways.  Go from scratching to pulling, from no friction to slight friction, circular motions to tapping… anything goes!
  3. Crescendo When you get to where you want to go stay there for a minute!  Hold the intensity level steady, and repetition of whatever type of touch is going on is key right now.

You are there!  Enjoy it!

Finally, rock it easy, Baby, rock it easy.

2 thoughts on “Touch me like Isaac, Hump Day

  1. Crystal says:

    Great picture. 🙂

  2. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    Thanks, I thought it fit the mood 😀

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