Dog Attack

Saturday night Mark and I laid around watching the Olympics complaining about how fat we were getting.  After an hour or so of pity party chit chat and a DQ run (I wonder where all this fat is coming from? Hmm..) I suggested a competition of sorts…

“I could so lose twenty pounds faster than you,” I teased.

“Seriously?  You wanna compete?  With me?”

“Yeah, I will so take you!”

We rolled off the couch and made our way to our scale and determined our start weight and decided what our personal goals were. 

The McKinney-Oates Weight Loss Challenge had officially begun!

Sunday morning Mark’s already up to sneaky tricks…

“Sweetie, what do you think about chocolate gravy this morning?”

Chocolate gravy?  I love his chocolate gravy.  But I’m not an idiot…

“I’m not an idiot.  I know what you’re trying to do.  And I will eat your chocolate gravy, but I’m going to go for a walk first.”

I could tell by the look on Mark’s face his plan had been foiled.  That’s right, homedog, I’m serious when it comes to competition.

I head outside to start walking and get to our neighbor’s driveway.

Two dogs come up to me and start sniffing at me.  They aren’t necessarily scary, and actually seem friendly, but for whatever reason I’m scared.

Then up trots a stocky black pitbull.  I am not kidding when I say he immediately starts to attack me.  There was no growling or barking, no signs of aggression at all.  Just biting. 

I don’t know why, but something was telling me to ‘just let him bite you’.  Don’t yank.  Don’t fight.  Let him bite you.

As soon as he let go I started walking backwards away from the pack.  They are still surrounding me, and I turn around to run and the pitbull starts biting again at my other leg. 

By now I’m back in our front yard and I’m screaming for Mark to come help me, and he comes running out.  I’ve never been so happy to see him, even though at that point I’m not sure what he can do to help.  He came out yelling for them to get away and they immediately fled. 

He is my hero in so many ways it isn’t even funny.

After filing all the reports that we needed to with the police and animal services we spent the rest of the afternoon in the emergency room. 

Every nurse, doctor or police officer we saw yesterday commented that it was a miracle that I got out with 3 puncture wounds.  Each one said that pitbulls normally clamp down on you and don’t let go.  I can’t help but think it was God telling me to ‘just let him bite’.  One officer said that was the ideal way to handle a dog attack is to let him bite you because he will eventually let you go.

10 shots and lots of bandages later Mark and I were safely back at home. 

I’m not going to lie.  I have had a couple of mini freak outs about all the ‘what ifs?’

What if Mark wasn’t home when it happened?
What if I was farther away from home?
What if the dogs had knocked me down and completely mauled me? (that’s what the one officer said they were probably trying to do)
What if I had pulled away?
What if I see that stupid dog again?

Anyways, it’s over, and I’m doing good.  To be honest, I think Mark was a more upset emotionally by the whole thing.  But we’re good, and God really did protect me and that leaves me both thankful and, to be honest, scared at how real God is. 

And for a bright side to this story, do you realize how cool I am now that I’ve been attacked by a pitbull?  I feel like I should get a leather jacket or something.  I’m kind of awesome.

7 thoughts on “Dog Attack

  1. Veda says:

    I am glad you survived the dog attack. But I must agree with you…you are freakin awesome now!!

    It almost makes me want to agitate a pitbull so that I can have a story like yours…hehe 😛

  2. Secret Agent CT says:

    Holy crap Marie!!! I almost started crying reading this entry! I’m so sorry that this happened to you. I’m glad to hear that you are okay though. 😦

    Where do I get the chocolate gravy? Sounds delish!

  3. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    Veda, I know, right? It is pretty awesome, but I would not recommend agitating a pitbull… it’s not that cool of a story :p

    Secret Agent, aww, you’re sweet 😀 I’m ok, but the crappy part is that I never got the chocolate gravy! I’m counting on chocolate gravy breakfast in bed this Saturday since it was OBVIOUSLY all Mark’s fault 😀

  4. Wende says:

    OMG… do you ever email with this stuff?? I’m sitting here having a heart attack.

    I was GOING to give you hell for talking about needing to lose weight, but since a dog bit you, we’ll call that even.

    Good grief. I’m so sorry… you must have been terrified. Deep down. Under neath that HUGE LAYER OF FAT. Ahem.


    Love you.

    (and seriously, there are no pitbulls where i live, hint hint)

  5. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    Wende, I laughed so hard at this comment 😀

    And can I just say that it was the “huge layer of fat” (that I really do have, especially on my legs) that really saved me 😀 Seriously, if I had had any muscle on my legs, or if the dog was able to get straight to bone, I would have been in so much trouble. So it is a great thing I’ve got ‘thick’ legs 😀

    (funniest thing, sitting in the emergency room, Mark and I looked at each other and said “Jack/John and Wende are going to let us know there aren’t pitbulls in their town”… you Chai drinkers are so predictable 😀 heh)

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