Spider Veins

Dude from work:  What happened to you?  Walk through a barbed wire fence?
Me:  No, I got attacked by a pitbull.
Dude:  Seriously?
Me:  Yup (and I’m smiling all smugly because I am so badbutt).
Dude:  Oh (and he says this seriously!!) I thought maybe you got one of those “vein surgeries”.

Vein surgery?  You thought I got, no, needed the vein surgery??

Oh. my. goodness.

I am twenty-flippin-five years old!  25 year olds don’t get spider vein surgery!

I’m not saying I don’t have them, or don’t need the surgery, I’m just saying that I’m not legally allowed to start complaining about varicose veins for a minimum of 30 years, much less start having surgery to help me! 

The worst was he kept repeating it!

Different Dude from work:  What happened to you?
Me:  Pitbull.
Original Dude from work:  Yeah. I thought it was vein surgery.


One thought on “Spider Veins

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