Kinda sorta hypochondriac of the rabied persuasion

I spent most of the morning Tuesday trying to figure out where I could take the rest of my rabies shots because I did not want to go back to the emergency room to get it.

After house of phone calls to my doctor, the health department, and animal services I find out that because this shot is so expensive no one keeps it on hand other than the emergency room.  I had no choice.  A slow painful death in the emergency room awaited me.

I’m lazy and the thought creeped into my head, “What would happen if I didn’t go get the rest of the shots?  If I just… forgot?”

I do some research and it turns out that this rabies stuff is serious!

The minute symptoms start there is no turning back, and you will have to suffer the deterioration of your brain until your death, which will happen in a matter of weeks.

Um, yeah, I didn’t know all that!

Of course, I start Googling the symptoms of rabies in humans…

Itching or twitching at the infection site



First, I started my period a few days ago so of course I’m having headaches, I’m irritable, and I’m having some pain!  But are these typical menstrual symptoms, or are they foreshadowing clues to my future as a foaming at the mouth beast??

I. don’t. know!

Itching and twitching?  Every time I read those words on the symptom list various parts of my body start twitching.  Sign of rabies?

I. still. don’t. know!

Fever?  Mark calls me his little furnace because I’m always hot. 

Whoever made this list needs to get a little bit more specific, in my opinion.  99% of me is pretty darn sure that I am not a rabied individual, but there is that tiny 1% of my mind begging me write and execute my personal Bucket List before it’s too late…

(also kinda funny is that in my first go around of internet research I kept spelling “rabbis” instead of “rabies“, and kept getting Jewish stuff and I was so confused)

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