Marie vs. The Washing Machine

Round 1:
Put load of blue jeans in washing machine.  Add soap.  Turn dial thingy to appropriate setting.  Start wash.

Marie 1, Washing Machine 0

Round 2:
Wash is over.  Clothes are wet.  Still lots of that grainy white soap all over everything. 

What went wrong? 

Turn dial back to appropriate setting.  Start wash.  Again.

Marie 1, Washing Machine 1

Round 3:
Grainy white soap still all over clothes!  WTF?!  Marie cusses.  Starts wash.  Again.

Marie 1, Washing Machine 3 (extra point for making the human cuss)

Round 4:
Grainy stuff? Seriously?  Looks at dial.  Has been on ‘Extra Rinse’ for the past 3 cycles.  Marie has spent all day Saturday getting her blue jeans wet and spinning them around. 

Washing Macine is declared the victor.
And the crowd goes wild.

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