Hump Day Chores

So this will be quick because I didn’t have time to write this yesterday, and dangit if I fall too far behind…

I love. love. love getting into a bed that has been made.  I will make the bed, even if I’m going to bed within minutes, because I love it so much. 

Unfortunately, I leave for work at 7, and Mark is usually still in bed.  So I can’t make the bed before I leave.

Fortunately, however, Mark rocks.  And there have only been a handful of nights that I’ve come home to an unmade bed because he knows how much I love it.

There is a book somewhere in the world that is called Sex Starts in the Kitchen or Foreplay is Doing the Dishes, or something.  Essentially, women need to feel cared about and taken care of to get sexually turned on.  Now these books have assumed that women get turned on because of “help” around the house. 

I think the turn on is more that the other person’s needs were noticed and met.  Let’s put it into a math formula, shall we?

(Marie likes bed made) + (Mark makes bed nearly everyday)= Lots of affection

Pretty simple. 

Now I’m not one to wait for someone to “do their part” so that a situation will change.  We’re all responsible in this little game.  So what does your person want?  How can you make that happen?  What do you want?  How have you communicated this?

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Chores

  1. Crystal says:

    Thanks, Marie. It’s easy to forget that people don’t read minds. They don’t even take subtle hints… ha! more like blatant requests! I can ask all day long for something, but what am I giving, right? Thanks for the reminder!

  2. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    I know! I’m the worst about subtle hints, and it drives Mark nuts. He’d much rather I just tell him what I want.

    And I am also the worst about not thinking about what he may want from me because I’m so worried he won’t do what I asked… we can be so crazy sometimes 😀

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