Hump Day Awareness

I saw this video a while back, and thought it made a wonderfully clear point about a key component of mental, emotional, and (ultimately) hump day health.

I was amazed at how much I missed because I’d given all my attention to one task. 

I’m me, and I couldn’t help but realize a connection to my relationships.  I had to ask myself, “What are am I focusing on?”

Because there are lots of things I can focus on.  Like how bored I get when he starts rattling off the specifications of his newest plane project.  Or how I can start to tell him something and he does this startled “What? Were you saying something?” thing that clearly communicates he has not been listening.  Grrr.

Or I can focus on how we pray and snuggle every morning before work.  Or how much fun we have discussing books we’re reading or our uneducated opinions on the latest financial fiascos. 

I really believe that I decide what I pay attention to.  I choose to focus on the good, the bad, the ugly or the pretty.  I can even ignore breakdancing bears if I decide to focus on how many passes the white team makes. 

The more I pay attention to the love and positivity in our relationship, the impact of the negative thoughts significantly lessens.  And the easier it is to melt into my luh-vah’s arms.

Spend this Hump Day lookin’ for love!

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