Wow, it’s been awhile

It’s been kinda crazy here.

Saturday CreateFaith made its community debut at the Antioch United Methodist Church’s Fall Festival/Fair/I can never remember.  We had a table set up to let people know what we were up to (an after school program and adult computer classes) and what we needed (the usual, volunteers and money).  It was fun, if not awkward at times (because it’s kinda weird sitting there).  However, we got some good feedback, and need to get the ball rolling soon.

Sunday night I led a communication workshop.  This was… interesting.  Actually, it went well, and Mark was an awesome support through the whole thing.  I had put an ad up on Craigslist, and had 2 responses.  I wanted to throw up when I got them because that’s pretty scary to have strangers come to something because you said you might have some information/advice that could help them out.  The night went well, and I even got an email saying thank you.  Pretty cool, friend, pretty cool.

Monday, I had jury duty.  Which was awesome.  I sat in a room.  Didn’t get picked.  Was dismissed at 11, and got the rest of the afternoon off.  I love serving my community.

And after one thing after another here comes Tuesday.  My first ‘normal’ day in a bit.  And I walked into work with a black shirt, and the intention of wearing black shoes.  Instead I wore my new and super comfortable brown moccasin type shoe.  Because I was apparently dead tired and didn’t notice this until I walked into the office.  And it took another hour for me to realize that the black shirt was inside out.

Yes.  This weekend took its toll in the form of melting my brain and reducing my ability to dress myself to that of a 3 year old.

And I’m topping off the brain melting with a good dose of Presidential Talking Points disguised as real debate.

Ah, life is good.

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