Picking up what I’m putting down on Hump Day

I was going to write about running at the YMCA today, watching myself in the mirror, thinking “Gosh, you sure have let yourself go”.  Which got me thinking about how that may be communicating to Mark, through actions not words, that I am not all that interested in his sexual arousal because I’m not doing my part to look attractive.

Then I came to my senses and thought, “What are you talking about, CrazyLady?  You’re hot.”

I seriously decided not to write about critical thoughts on the treadmill because as I started writing I also started rubbing my knees.  When I rubbed my knee I thought, “Ew.  Marie, your knees are so hairy.  Why don’t you shave your knees?  Do you have a secret desire to be fly?”

I answered back, “I DO shave my knees.  Or atleast I try.  I’m just not very good at it.”

“Marie, you have to get good at knee shaving.  Unless you know something I don’t know.  Like that Mark harbors a secret fantasy to do it with a fly.”

This inner voice was getting sassy.

“Listen, Marie’s Inner Voice, you need to simma down.  First, knee shaving is hard.  Don’t deny it.  Second, you know everything I know because we’re kinda the same person.  And third, insect intercourse isn’t the weirdest thing we’ve heard of.”

What we’ve learned…

Communication happens all the time.  Even without words.  And sometimes cankles and hairy knees might be saying, “I’m not that interested achieving my full hotness potential, because I don’t care that much about you… or me.”

And, Marie is a horrible knee shaver.  Please, friends, share with me your tips on keeping the knees hairless.


One thought on “Picking up what I’m putting down on Hump Day

  1. Crystal says:

    First off, love the title. Jon says to me all the time, “You picking up what I’m laying down?” He’s great. And you’re absolutely right. Knees are hard to shave. I have to do two-parters when it comes to it. I shave what I can with my leg straight, then I bend the knee and attempt to get the rest. Then later on when I’m wearing my skirt (which sadly doesn’t happen all that often b/c I too think Jon has fantasies of fly-sex) I notice the stray hair or two and curse the maker of razors for letting me down yet again! *shaking my head* I just don’t know about myself sometimes.
    But besides being right about knee shaving, and more importantly, you are right about how our interest in keeping ourselves ‘together’ reflects our interest in the needs of our men. Luckily (I think?), Jon will let me know when he thinks I am neglecting myself. Maybe it’s not such a good thing I let it get so bad that he has to say something…

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