Super Pickles

Melissa:  I was telling Mom about this couple who named their kid Super Man.  First name Super.  Middle name Man.  Get it?
Marie:  Yeah… who cares?
Melissa:  Well, I’m saying, “Hey did you hear about the family that named their kid Super Man?”  And after a few minutes she says, “Pickles and mayonnaise?”
Marie:  Pickles and mayonnaise?
Melissa:  Yeah, I said Super Man and she heard pickles and mayonnaise.  I died laughing.

Mom:  What are you two laughing about?
Marie:  Pickles and mayonnaise?  Where did you get that from?
Melissa:  Yeah, I kinda get that you got Man out of mayonnaise, but ‘pickles’ and ‘super’?  Where did that come from?
Mom: What? Pickles. Super.  Don’t you hear it?  That’s very close.

And she was being dead serious.

Gotta love that woman.

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