The Kangaroo… revisited

My mom found my blog this weekend.  Crap.

Marie:  Good morning, this is The Parent Co.
Mom:  Marie.
Marie:  Hey, Mom!  How are you?
Mom:  Great!  How are you?
Marie:  Good, just working… what’s up?
Mom:  Yeah, we found your blog.
Marie:  Oh.
Mom:  Yeah, someone was making fun of me and the kangaroo
Marie:  Sorry!
Mom:  No, it’s funny.  Especially how you captured how mad I was!  I was reading and I could feel myself getting mad and tense again, it was good.  You did a good job.
Marie:  Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you mad with that conversation, I was just really confused about the kangaroo…
Mom:  Oh, I was mad.  Even just reading your blog I wanted to yell, “Please quit acting so stupid, Marie!”

She’s a real hoot, huh?

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