Hump Day Cleanliness

It’s important to keep yourself clean.  Very important.  Bad things can happen if you do not keep yourself clean.

Infections.  Abnormal growths.  Intense burning and or itching.  Sometimes things even fall off.  Yes.  Uncleanliness can lead to things falling off.

An easy way to keep things clean is to not rely solely on toilet paper.  Toilet paper alone will not get you clean enough.  Think back to your days as an infant.  That’s right.  Wipes.  For grownups.

Grownup wipes are completely normal nowadays.  So normal, in fact, that people are judging other people based on whether they are Dry Wipers or Moist Wipers.  Terrence Howard, the guy who plays in all sorts of movies but the only one I can think of right now is Crash, won’t even date a woman if she doesn’t have moist wipes in her bathroom. Because he looks down on her.  Because she is unclean.

Don’t get dumped by Terrence Howard because you are an unclean Dry Wiper with infections and abnormal growths.

Buy wipes.  Today.

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