Us and Them

NPR has been playing a quote from some lady saying she doesn’t want to vote for Obama because she is afraid he is “one of them” and is going to look out for “those people”.

This makes me, honestly, so sad. And also afraid.

I remember being little and watching some talk show where the topic was white supremacy groups. I remember all these awful hateful people talking about how everyone needed to go “back to their own country”.

I’m 99% sure they were talking about black people going to Africa. But I was like 6. And I knew my mom wasn’t from “this country”. Were they going to send her back?

And, honestly, the bigger question in my 6 year old mind was, “Where are they going to send me? What about my brother?”

I didn’t know where I’d belong if people started separating based on race, nationality, or ethnicity.

Please don’t send Baby Marie back to ‘where she came from’
because she’s not really sure where that is.

So, yeah, I get a little scared any time words like ‘us’ and ‘them’ get thrown around.

This election stuff scares me.  It has been scary enough over the past eight years fighting about red and blue, and now we’ve gone and thrown the black and white issue in there, too?

And I’m scared of both sides.  Scared of what I saw at the McCain rally where people seemed to get really aggressive.  Scared of what I am pretty sure happens but don’t see at Obama rallies because the media chooses not to highlight it.  Scared of how either side will feel/react if “their person” doesn’t win.

I think Mark thinks I’m being overly paranoid.  That all the world will be fine with whoever gets elected.  Maybe he is right.  I hope he is right.  But part of me thinks that we’re about to uncover lots of dirt that got swept under some rug some 40 years ago.  And it isn’t going to be fun,  or pretty.

2 thoughts on “Us and Them

  1. Crystal says:

    🙂 No worries. I would snatch baby Marie right up and hide her out in my attic. Too adorable!

    And on your serious note: I’m scared too.

  2. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    Crystal, that honestly makes me feel really good to know that Baby Marie will be ok 😀

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