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I kind of had an idea of how I wanted my ‘dream’ wedding to go.  Not a detailed idea by any stretch of the imagination, but an idea.

I loved our wedding day, I really did.  And at the same time, if I could go back and do it over again I would change plenty of things.  Since I’m the queen of positivity I’ll let you know what I would not change.

  • Our officiant/ Mark’s sister/ my sister-in-law (can I just say that sounds so grown up to have a ‘sister-in-law’?)/ honestly, my favorite blogger of all time.  Wende is like beauty incarnate.  I can honestly say that if I wasn’t marrying her brother I would secretly wish she would officiate the ceremony.
  • My bridesmaids.  I love them.
  • The guys wearing barongs.
  • Doing a quasi traditional Filipino ceremony.  I really loved our ceremony.  It fit us, and that was special.
  • My mom including Olive Garden in the menu because I love Olive Garden.  Even though I’m not positive that I ate any that day.

I’ll be honest.  There is stuff about our wedding that I could honestly cry about because I regret so much not taking the time/spending the money to make it better. 

When I’m browsing the internet and I see someone who has taken the time/spent the money to do what I wish I had done for our wedding I’ll whimper, and Mark will ask, “Are you looking at something that reminds you of what we should have done for our wedding?”  And I’ll nod, and he’ll hold me as I cry.

I should be over it in a couple of months… but right now, the wounds are still a little fresh. *tear*

I say all this because if you are in the Middle Tennessee area about to plan a wedding let me introduce you to Ashley’s Bride Guide.  This website is full of so much bridal information it will make your head explode.  And everything is so pretty.  So very pretty. 

And it is all local people so you aren’t accidentally falling in love with the wedding cake of your dreams (no, that isn’t what I regret) just to find out the cake arteest lives in Wisconsin. 

She has all the info on bridal events going on in town so that you can really get to check out the people who will help you execute the wedding of your dreams is like.

And there are forums on every topic imaginable, because wedding planning should not be a task taken alone.

If you’re planning a wedding in Nashville I’d take a gander.

If you’ve already done the wedding thing, what would you change if you did it over again?  Keep the same?

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