What I want to say to America…

Dear America,

I’d like to let you in on a little secret.

Your life won’t change that much with a new president.  There.  I said it.  Gosh that felt good.

It would be nice though.  If one person really could fix our economy, foreign relations, healthcare system, educational system, problem with child obesity, tax system, the mortgage crisis, the extra fees that keep showing up on your Verizon bill, 72 down on the NYT Crossword puzzle, and get your dog to quit peeing on your new rug.  I agree, it would be freaking awesome.

A new president isn’t going to solve any of this though.  He is going to have lots of leverage, influence lots of people, and bring plenty of good and bad ideas to the table.  But he is one person in a political system set up so that no one person has all the power.  Yes, it’s called checking and balancing and it was a genius idea.

I don’t believe the downfall of our society is going to be legalizing gay marriages, taxing poor people or $700 bailouts.  I believe the downfall of America will be this crazy idea that someone else has more control and power over your life than you do.  That’s right, you have power and control over your life.  Not the president.  Not the Senate.  Not even the crazy lady that gave birth to you.  You have the power.

It’s a simple idea called locus of control.  Some people think they are in control of the life they lead, and others believe that someone else, someone ‘out there’ holds control over the life they are leading.  Believing you have control leads to being more motivated and a more positive outlook on life.  Someone else having control leads to depression and an “I can’t do anything to change it” attitude. 

America, you were built on the idea that you have control of your destiny.  That you decide what your life looks like.  More than white picket fences and 2.5 kids, the American Dream really is the belief that you get decide what your life looks like.

Vote because that’s exercising your portion of control of this government.  But please don’t let it stop there.

If there are issues you care about like the economy, healthcare, the war in Iraq, pro-life, pro-choice, child obesity or dog training, do something about it!  YOU do something about it.  Don’t sub-contract your opinion on any issue to a politician.  Take responsibility for what you care about.

And?  Not only do YOU have the power to do something about issues that affect lots of people, you have power over issues that face you and your family personally.  You can do something about being overweight.  About that business you always wanted to start.  About that class you always wanted to take.  About the relationship with so and so that you wish was better.  No matter what anyone tells you, you can change your life.

America, I promise you will be absolutely amazed at the power that lives inside of you.  Just quit buying into this bullcrap idea that some guy holds all the power to change your life.


2 thoughts on “What I want to say to America…

  1. Susan says:

    Well said, dear.
    Now. About that business…

  2. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    Thanks, and yes… about that business 😀

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