Turning into my mother

My mom is not the biggest fan of the animals that live in her house. She loves bringing them in to her house, and she loves taking care of them if they are sick or hurt, but if she happens to see one of the family pets enjoying itself a little too much sitting on the couch watching tv that pet better watch out.

One of her biggest pet peeves was when we would feed the animals on regular dishes. If she saw a bowl on the floor with traces of cat food in it she would pretty much flip out.

Why are you using human bowls for cats? Why? The cats have their own bowls! There are cat bowls and there are human bowls. This is disgusting. All of you are disgusting. I am moving. To a one bedroom apartment. In the Philippines. Wanna come?

Honestly, I always thought she was crazy. It wasn’t like we let the cats eat out of the bowl, and then put them back in the cupboard when they were done. We put them in the sink for her to wash. Geez.

This all changed today.

I walked into the kitchen and saw one of my bowls on the floor next to the cat’s dining area…

Mark, did you feed the cats with one of my bowls?

He didn’t seriously use one of my bowls for that disgusting cat food. I mean cats mouths are so dirty. I don’t want to eat after a cat on one of my human bowls. Ewwww.

Yeah, and they ate a lot better out of it rather than just leaving the food in the can like you do.

I’m not positive, because I haven’t asked for clarification, however, I’m pretty sure he is planning on using MY human bowl regularly to feed CATS.

Not cool, dude. Not cool at all.

What else is not cool?

That I’m obviously turning into my mother when it comes to the animals. Uh oh. Nala and Omi better watch out.

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