Taking a Break for a minute

I do lots of this blogging when I should be doing other things.  Because blogging is fun.  And other things are not as fun.

Unfortunately, I must put the fun on hold for a week or so.  I have some other writing to do.  And some serious research to do.  I won’t go into details because I think it’d make me look overly excited and kinda weird (ok, basically, I’ve been asked to write some blogs for a website on the counseling/psychology aspect of weddings and marriage… very cool.  And CreateFaith is getting a makeover and part of it includes research into how to make GED classes happen.  Also very cool)

Because I hate leaving all four of you for the week, I figured I’d share an oldie but a goodie from the bag of “Crazy Things my Mom Says”.  Mark reminded me of this one at lunch yesterday, and I’m pretty sure that if my mom reads this she. will. kill. me.

Daddy:  Yeah, I’m thinking about having the deck cleaned and painted.
Mom:  Oh, I’d love it if you’d clean the *deck* (now, she says deck, but it sounds like another word.  Very similar to deck, just with another vowel…I’m not spelling this out for you, People).

EveryoneUproarious Laughter

My mom looks really confused.  What could possibly be so funny?  My dad sees the potential humor and goes in for the kill…

Daddy:  What do you want cleaned?
Mom:  The *deck*.  Why are you all laughing?  He wants a clean *deck*, I want a clean *deck*! What!?!
Daddy:  Why do you want me to clean it?
Mom:  I want it to be presentable.  And when we have parties, we can enjoy them on the *deck*.
Daddy:  What would you think about a bigger deck?
Mom:  How can we make the *deck* bigger?  WHY ARE Y’ALL LAUGHING???
Daddy:  I mean, what if our deck was like the guy up on the hill’s?
Mom:  The black guy?  I love his *deck*.  It’s so big, ya know?  You think ours could look like that?  Really?!  Ohh, that’d be great.  QUIT LAUGHING!

All of us had lost it at that point.  Her love for the neighbor’s *deck* was truly an unforgettable, and hilarious, moment. 

So if it has been a little too long I’m either really tied up doing ‘real work’ type things, or my mom read this, understood it, and killed me.

One thought on “Taking a Break for a minute

  1. Susan says:

    Your mom! I miss her!

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