Post Traumatic Stress Disorder via Dog Bite

I know.  Get over the dog bite, Marie.  I know.

But I can’t.

Ok.  I really am pretty much over it.  But every once in awhile I can’t help but get a little freaked out.

I’ve been around dogs since the bite, and it seems as if I will come out of this without a fear of dogs in general.  I still think, for the most part, dogs are good people.

Dogs hanging out outside without owners close by, however, are another story.  I told Mark the day I got bit that I don’t know that I will ever feel comfortable being alone with a dog.  I want someone else around.  Preferably an owner of said dog.

And I was right.  I am afraid to be alone with dogs.

It’s the only way that I can explain walking out to my car this morning and seeing this ferocious beast barrelling towards me… 


Grr.  I’m gonna get you, Marie.

And I screamed.

Like a little girl.

I got into my car as fast as possible because I was terrified.  Terrified, People.  Of a dog I could throw.

Not only that.  He had one of those cones around his head which is evidence that he had probably recently gone through some type of surgical procedure.  (It’s starting to sound like I’m making this up, but I’m not.  I would not come out of the blogging fast to lie to you, People.)

Terrified.  Of a dog I could throw.  Who was recovering from surgery.

I am pathetic.

I tried to take a picture of him with my cellphone.  But couldn’t bring myself to open the car door.  Because, sure, I could pick him up and throw him, but I wasn’t really interested in taking any risks.

Isn’t that sad?

*And just for further information.  This is what the dog that did bite me looked like.  Just a little bigger.  And all black.  And evil.  Pure evil.


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5 thoughts on “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder via Dog Bite

  1. Susan says:

    Earlier, I was trying to send you an article about a woman who was running and got attacked by a rabid fox. She ran a mile with the fox attached (by bite) to her arm so that she would be able to capture it for rabies testing. When she got to her car, she pried the fox off her arm and put it in her trunk. I wonder how people think so logically when they are in situations like that…I would freak and probably put myself in the trunk.

    Seriously, though, you may want to consider some options to get over your fear. It’s not fun going through life afraid of little animals. But I don’t have to tell you…you are the therapist!

  2. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    The picture of the dog that bit you looks scary. I’m afraid of german shepherds because I got bit by one when I was little.

    Remind me if you come to my house. We have Coco, the chocolate lab. She is VERY friendly and might possibly lick you to death. She unfortantly has no enemies. She thinks everyone that comes to our house has only come to see her and is possibly her new best friend. I wanted her to protect me but don’t think it’s working out. She’d probably assist a burgular in helping put our stuff in their car! Then want to go for a ride with them.

  3. Liz says:

    I love reading your blog… you never fail to deliver a smile!!!

  4. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    Susan, I’m loving the fox story! I think I woulda been with you in the trunk.

    CT, Coco sounds hilarious! You need to blog about her some more. With pictures. And I’m totally down for nice dogs with nice owners 😀

    Liz, thanks 😀 I’m glad my pathetic self brings smiles to others! Ha!

  5. […] Let me remind you about my bad dog experience from a couple of years ago. I was attacked and I wrote about it for a week. […]

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