Lunch with a Lady in the Biz

I have lived in Nashville pretty much my entire life.  And do you know that Mark was the very first person I ever met to introduce himself as a ‘songwriter’?  I met Mark when I was 22.  I had lived in Nashville, TN (aka Music City, aka where every songwriter comes to make it big) for more than 15 years before ever meeting someone in the music business.  Apparently, this is a quite an accomplishment because now I can’t seem to get away from the music business if I tried!

First of all, I married a songwriter.  We now have a roommate who is on tour with Craig Morgan.  I have a great friend from grad school who sings and writes (and so does her husband).  My coworker is all up in the life of a very famous musician.  Pretty much every church we’ve visited that is located downtown has atleast 15 guys that are here waiting for their big break.  Mark’s roommate when we first met leads worship at one of the biggest churches in Nashville. 

I once went to a Dave Barnes show and he asked everyone to sing a long with him, and the audience did and it sounded beautiful.  Dave Barnes joked, “Any time you ask a Nashville audience to sing you get a 7 part harmony”.

I didn’t get it then, but I definitely get it now!  Everyone around here is so. dang. musical!

I was fortunate to have lunch with a lady who really is in the music business.  I mean, she isn’t just sitting around “waiting for a break”. Oh, no.  Girlfriend gets paid.

Yes, my friend, sorority sister, and fellow blogger, Candice and I went to lunch and it was the first time that I ever realized she was in the music business.

“You work for a record label?  A major record label?”

“Yeah, I did my internship here. And now I work here.  I love it.”

“Do you get to see… famous people?”

“Wynona Judd came into my office once desperately asking where the bathroom is…”

“Oh. my. gosh.  You are so cool, Candice.  So freakin’ cool.”

I seriously felt like I had just found out that Clark Kent was Super Man.  Sure, Candice is *just* the amazing accounting person, and it isn’t technically a “glam” job, but I think it is hard to argue that you haven’t “made it big” when WYNONA is asking you where she can unload her bladder.  Seriously.  That’s awesome.

(I’m not going to steal Candice’s blogging thunder, but she has a great story about not recognizing a famous country musician.  Please blog it, Candice!  Please!)

So I didn’t just have lunch with my friend, sorority sister, and fellow blogger.  No.  I got to have lunch with Wynona Judd’s personal pee assistant.  And that is awesome.

2 thoughts on “Lunch with a Lady in the Biz

  1. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Dang it! My super secret agent status is now null and void, now that everyone knows my “Clark Kent/Superman” identity! ha!! I feel so honored to be compared to Superman and to have a blog about me!! Now, that’s awesome!!!

    However, I really don’t think that I am that cool or even close to it! I truly don’t see celebrities everyday. (However, based on my experiences…maybe I do, but just don’t know it. j/k) ha!!

    It’s way more cool that your roommate is on tour with Craig Morgan, Marie!!

    We’ll definitly have to do lunch again soon!!

  2. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    PS. We can also take that tour of Nashville!! ha ha

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