Mommy’s Little Girl

Omi is supposed to be my cat.  She was supposed to become super bonded to me the way Nala is super  bonded to Mark. 

This hasn’t quite worked out.  She definitely prefers me to any human in the house, but to call her bonded to me would be quite the overstatement.  She isn’t really big on being pet, and God forbid I pick her up and hold her like a baby.

The only time I don’t have to beg for her attention is when I’m in the bathroom.  This cat loves the toilet.  Loves it.  Would marry it if we let her.  As soon as I stand up she is up on the seat anticipating her favorite part… the flush.  Oh how she loves the flush.  I stick around just to make sure she doesn’t fall in.  Because that would be gross.  And funny.

Her other favorite attraction in Bathroom: The Amusement Park is the shower.  Cats don’t like water, and Omi is no exception.  But for whatever reason the minute I turn the shower off Omi comes running in to paw at the shower door.  “Let me in,” she’ll beg.  I oblige because I’m a good mom.  So me and my cat spend a couple of minutes together in the shower enjoying the steamy heat.

Omi’s absolute favorite bathroom activity is the application of makeup.  I think she is clued in to the rarity of how often her mom puts on makeup, and knows to do anything possible to witness the once every month event.  Her favorite is the application of my mineral foundation with that little brush.  She just stares, like a little girl, as I put it on.  You can see the hope in her eyes that maybe, just maybe, today mommy will let her put this Nude shade of foundation on her black fur.  I have to hide the applicator brush because if I don’t Mark will find her later that morning trotting around with it in her mouth.  Like she owns it or something.

Having her follow me around as I piddled in the bathroom this morning kinda sorta made me want a daughter. 

And then I remembered puberty.  And passive agressive sass.  Boyfriends that I won’t like, but she’ll date anyways.  Shirts that show her belly button.  Or her cleavage (please, God, give my daughter cleavage).

I realized that I am content with my quirky, unsocial furball daughter.  We may not have the bond that I was hoping for, but atleast it is legal to have her spayed…

4 thoughts on “Mommy’s Little Girl

  1. THAT is funny! You gotta love cats……they have a quirky personality all on their own!

  2. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Ohh Marie! Don’t cave to this desire! Stick with the cats!

    Coco LOVES the bathroom too! ha She has been brainwashed to believe that you can only touch the rug in the bathroom. Touching the true flooring will only bring bad things. So she lays on the rug and will turn her head the other way if you happen to use the bathroom while she’s in there. (Oh, she HAS to be in there.)

    Then if you open the curtain to get in the shower. It’s the best day ever to her. She stands up and looks at you to tell you that it’s in your best interest to turn the magic water supply on. Then she drinks from the faucet like she’s her last meal. She won’t quit until you are in the shower and have pulled the curtain in front of her face while telling her no! This rewards you with a “I hate you” look.

    She lays on the rug while I shower. Then when I’m done and open the curtain again, she looks at me like “I am NOT getting off this rug.” So I tell her to move. She reluctantly does but still gives me the death look. When it gets to the point where I am off “her rug” she will get back on it and lay down. She stays there until I get ready to blow dry my hair. She hates the hairdryer and will attempt to sneak out of the bathroom at that point. In reality, she just goes out of the bathroom and lays at the doorway. This way she can keep an eye on me. ha!!

    Isn’t it crazy that both of our animals LOVE the bathroom??

  3. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    GBandU2, I always thought I hated cats, but I’ve become quite smitten. With the kitten. Heh. That rhymed.

    CT, Coco is hilarious! I can’t wait to meet her. I’d suggest a bathroom play date with her and Omi, but I think Omi would kill me if I sent her off to play with the ultra friendly (and much larger) Coco 😀

  4. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Coco weighs probably 90 pounds but thinks she is a 5 pound lap dog! She probably wouldn’t realize that she is so much bigger than Omi. ha

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