Hump Day Confidence

“I am not sure I look good until someone else confirms it.”

“I know I’ve done a good job when my boss appreciates and praises my work.”

“When my partner disagrees with me about something I become angry or distraught.”

“It is very important for me to know what my partner thinks or feels about me.”

If you’re line of thinking is similar to this you might be the reason your sex life sucks, or is about to suck.  Your technique may be off the charts, but you may be preventing yourself from truly and really connecting with your better half.  And FYI, connection is the key ingredient for mind blowing sex.  Not Kegel exercises.

Connection can’t happen unless you know and accept yourself.  And you don’t really know or accept yourself if you’re still depending on someone else to tell you how lovable, beautiful, or wonderful you are. 

Being confident in the bedroom isn’t just another gimmick for amazing sex.  It isn’t strutting around in revealing underwear.  It isn’t the willingness to “try new things”.

Being confident says that I’m comfortable with both my amazing and embarrassing qualities.  Being confident says that I love and trust you enough that I am willing to let you see all of me, the amazing and the embarrassing.  Being confident is giving the gift of yourself, your whole self.  It is trusting that you will be treated well because you know you deserve to be treated well.

Confidence is not giving yourself and depending on your lover’s response to know if the gift was valuable or not.

Strut your stuff because you love your stuff this Hump Day.

One thought on “Hump Day Confidence

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