Answer your phone, Marie.

A few months ago I was looking up how much it would cost to get background checks for CreateFaith volunteers.  I found a couple of companies that worked specifically with non-profits.  I gave my contact information to one company in particular hoping to hear back from them relatively soon.

Weeks passed and I finally got a call from the company.  Unfortunately, I do not answer my phone regularly especially when I’m not close to a cell phone charger because my phone’s battery lasts approximately 5 minutes when actually being used.  So I didn’t answer.  Not to mention that I screen phone calls.  Especially when the number has a strange area code.

So sue me.

The guy calls and leaves a message.  He then emails me.  Like I said, weeks had passed, and I wasn’t as much in the market for background checks as I was before.  So I didn’t call him back.  Or respond to his emails.

Again.  Sue me.

This game of not answering phones and archiving email goes on and on for weeks.

Well, one day I accidentally answered the phone.  I thought it was going to be someone else, and it wasn’t.  Anyways, I am now on the phone with the Background Check Guy.  He is really nice, super helpful, and giving me great explanations about what a background check does.  Seriously, let me know if you need background checks for a non-profit.  This is the guy to go to. 

Before I could tell him I wasn’t needing the background check stuff right now, and that I would get back to him later my phone went dead.  Just hung up on him.  “Dang,” I thought, “that sucks.  Oh well.”

I wasn’t planning to go to any great effort to get back in touch with him.  I know that is rude.  I know I should burn in hell for this….

But seriously.  Sue. me.

He called back.  Left a voicemail.  Sent an email.  We were back in the same song and dance.  But I’m a horrible person and I went back to ignoring him.  Which is so bad because he really was a nice guy.

I ignored another call (mostly because my phone is crazy and I didn’t want to hang up on him again), and got another email.  Normally I don’t even read the email anymore.  But for some reason I read this one and it read,

I am following up on the voice mail I left for you this morning; I want you to know I appreciate your considering our services but I also want you to know that if you are not truly compelled to use our services, it is “ok” to tell me that as well…

And I guess I’m kinda wondering…

Did the Background Check Guy just dump me?  Did I get dumped by a salesperson?  Really?

Wow.  My suckiness kinda knows no bounds.

5 thoughts on “Answer your phone, Marie.

  1. i think you did…what is this world coming to?

  2. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    I think he is just trying to give you a guilt-free “out”. I honestly can’t believe that he’s been calling/emailing you so much since he hasn’t heard back from you. Just email him and tell him your not interested anymore. Then he’ll leave you alone. Just bite the bullet Marie…it’s much better than having millions of voicemails/emails! 🙂


  3. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    GB&U2, I’m not sure, but I don’t like it 😀

    CT, ok I wasn’t going to respond to your comment until I had emailed Dude back. I have emailed him and (hopefully) put the whole thing to rest… thanks for the coaching! 😀 (and you’re right, having to delete vm’s gets so annoying!)

  4. Susan says:

    I am the exact same way about phone calls/voicemail. Thank God for facebook or we would probably not even be friends now : ) haha.

  5. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Susan – you’re so funny.

    Marie – Good job! I totally prefer email over the phone. I hate talking on the phone. Kudos to you!!

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