Hump Day: Offspring Production Management

Pretty much anytime Mark and I start to, um, canoodle he asks, “So how is the birth control going”?

Not exactly a “turn on”, but it is nice to think that he is trying to help shoulder the responsibility for Mission: Baby Prevention in his own small way.

Any other time I would assure him that no babies would be had, and that The Pill and I were still getting along marvelously. But this was before I got a particular email…

Susan, my sorority sister/former roommate, emailed me last week asking if I had come across any research that said a decreased libido was a side effect of The Pill.  In a casual polling of friends and classmates she had found that a significant amount of women thought there was a correlation.

Interesting, I thought.  You mean I could be wanting sex even more than I want it now?  Preposterous!  But intriguing.

“Mark, whatdoyouthinkaboutmegoingoffThePill?” I asked. Quickly.  And quietly.


“I was thinking… that maybe… I don’t know… I could get off The Pill…”

“Why?  Are you feeling sick or something?”

“No, but my friend emailed me and asked about how The Pill affects the libido.  She thinks it might decrease it…”

“Yes, Marie.  That’s your problem.  You have an underfunctioning libido.”

“She is a scientist, Mark!  She knows what she is talking about… I’m going off The Pill”

Ok. I’m not going off The Pill.  I was bluffing.  I was 99% sure that if I really did play that card Mark would cut me off completely and I’d be suffering from sexual desire overdrive.

But I wasn’t going to back down so easily.  Oh, no.  I went to the library and checked out Natural Birth Control Made Simple


 This move scared the crap out of Mark (that’s right, buddy, get your hands off of my ovaries). 

It is turning into quite a fascinating read (between ‘conversations’ with the vajay-jay and mucus testing, it’s a real page turner), and I plan on giving you guys the low down next week.

The biggest surprise for me is that I’m so clueless about all the ways to control offspring production.  What are your preferred methods? 

And for the sake of research, anyone else experiencing a decrease in libido because of The Pill?  Seriously, comment (leave it anonymous if it makes you feel better).  This is important, People!


14 thoughts on “Hump Day: Offspring Production Management

  1. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    I think going off the pill is too risky!!!

  2. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    PS. I’m scared for you. (ha-ha)

  3. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    Oh, I’m not off The Pill… but this book is hilarious! If we were ok with an “accident” I would probably give this Natural Birth Control a chance… but until then I’m going with the 99% effectiveness 😀

    But what are our other options for remaining baby free??

  4. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Whew! I was seriously scared for you. ha!! I was thinking, Marie sure is brave!

    Umm..seriously? You seriously want me to answer that?

  5. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    Ha, you don’t’ have to, but I’ve never used anything but The Pill, and I’m curious about what other types of B.C. people use.

    I mean, aren’t there shots or something? And don’t people gain serious amounts of weight from using certain birth control methods?

    I’m just curious about what other people are doing… because I’m nosey 😀

  6. Susan says:

    Ha! This blog is great : ) lol. We did our research proposals today…mine was on migraine prevention..not so exciting….. but Sarah gave hers about the whole libido thing. So far no one seems to know anything about it! some say it increases..some decreases.. it would be interesting to do a broad survey

    anywho, we have totally done the whole birth control methods lecture in pharm school. you want all the options, I can give ’em to ya..effectiveness rates and the whole caboodle. lol. there is actually some weird stuff out there..but hormonal contraception (like the pill) is definitely the best bet!
    There is even a “female condom” but it got bad reviews for being too noisy lol.

  7. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Susan – that’s great!! Too noisy! LOL!!

    Marie – My friend (not me) tried the birth control shots. I think she liked them pretty well but found it annoying to go to the doctor every 3 or 4 months to get the shots.

    Then she had an IUD put in. It’s a surgical procedure and I think (don’t know but think) you have to have had a baby to get the IUD. (She had just had her 2nd baby when she had it put in.) She LOVED it though.

  8. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    Susan, Mark and I died laughing about the ‘too noisy’ review. That’s awesome.

    CT, thank you for the info! I don’t think I could do the shots thing, or that IUD thing because there are no babies coming out of this lady 😀

    I would like to see someone come up with a birth control pill for men! Why hasn’t that happened yet? Or is it just impossible?

  9. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    I agree! Where’s the male birth control pill? Supposidly men are the ones that are fertile all the time. It’s just the women that are fertile for a short while during each month. Shouldn’t they have to control their supreme fertileness and leave us out of the birth control business?

    Honestly though, it’s better off that women take the pill. We are more responsible. Can’t you see a guy not remembering to take his BC pill? He wouldn’t be able to not “canoodle” as you like to call it, because he forgot his pill. ha! We’d all end up pregnant!! Disasterous!!

  10. Susan says:

    I totally agree CT…it would so not be good to rely on a man to take his BC pill! There actually has been some work to develop one for men though… I think one of our professors has actually done some work on it..

  11. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    That’s cool Susan! You are so smart!!

  12. K says:

    Look up the NuvaRing. It releases hormones evenly so you don’t have to be terrified anymore that you’ll end up pregnant because you didn’t take the Pill at the EXACT!! same time every day.

    PLUS you only have to deal with it twice a month. (Put it in, take it out three weeks later.)

    And if you’re already investigating your mucus, Ring Insertion shouldn’t faze you at all!

    • mckinneyoatescereal says:

      K, um, you have to take the Pill at the EXACT same time everyday? Oh. crap. I’ve got bigger problems than I thought! (I just kinda do it at the same general time of day. Crapcrapcrap!)

      But I will have to look up this NuvaRing. You bloggers are so informed:D

  13. K says:

    OK, I think most people are covered if they take the pill the same approximate time of day. But some of us seem to be more fertile than others and we fertile ladies can’t be too careful…

    The doctor told me (after my second pregnancy – which was much welcomed, just not exactly within my expected timeframe), “Hmm… the Pill doesn’t seem to be leaving you much room for error. Do you want to try something else?”

    Doc, do I *LOOK* like I could handle three preschoolers? Yes, I’d be up for trying something a little more error-proof!

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