McKinney-Oates Christmas Cereal: The Blogical

I haven’t enjoyed Christmas for nearly 5 years.  I don’t know why.  I have theories, but no good ones.

Mark has always said he loves Christmas, but never really seems to truly enjoy the season.  I have theories, but, once again, no good ones.

Now that we’re married I’ve decided that he is going to enjoy Christmas, and I’m going to get over my issues.  Part of this Christmas therapy has included, but is not limited to:

  • Putting up a Christmas tree (I got him a Bonsai tree the first year we dated, and bought mini Christmas decorations for it.  Precious.  But then it died.  Not so precious.)
  • Decorating the stair’s handrail with Christmas lights.  It looks cheesy and not so great, but we like it.
  • Borrowing Christmas CD’s from the library.  There wasn’t much to choose from so right now we are listening to The OC’s Chrismukkah soundtrack and some horrible sax player’s instrumental version of favorite Christmas songs.
  • A planned date to drive around looking at Christmas lights.

We’re actually having a great time, and kind of getting into it. 

But you know how sometimes someone starts a joke, other people keep it going, everyone is having a great time, and the joke is about to end but someone decides to take the joke one.more.step. But the joke is clearly dead, and everyone has to just laugh awkwardly? (Well, not in my family.  In my family if you keep a joke alive for too long we will yell at you until you are ashamed.  It’s how we roll.  Poor Mark.)

Well, I kinda did that with our Christmas plans.  Everything was fine, but then I decided to take it just one step too many…

Marie:  Don’t laugh.  But I have a suggestion.
Mark:  You are not going off The Pill, Marie.
Marie: No, no, no.  I want to make a Christmas CD.
MarkYou want to make a Christmas CD?
Marie:  Yes.  You’ll play the piano and sing the songs.
Mark:  That sounds more like I’m going to make a Christmas CD…
Marie:  Technically, you might be right…
Mark:  You have to do something for this CD if we do it.
Marie:  Maybe I could introduce the songs!  “This is Mark performing All I Want for Christmas is You” and when you finish a song I could say, “Ta da!” and do the jazz hands thing.
Mark:  It’s a CD.  No one would be able to see the jazz hands.
Marie:  Good point.  We should make it a music video…

I tell you this because after numerous conversations like the one above occuring pretty much every hour on the hour (how is that for a throwback to MTV News?), Mark’s will has been broken.  And there will be a Christmas CD produced by yours truly.

It will actually be a blog (because that’s what I do) with musical pieces throughout (because that’s what Mark does). 

You are probably thinking, “Marie, do you mean to say you two are creating a musical?”

No, Friend.  This is a blogical. 

McKinney-Oates Christmas Cereal: The Blogical

Coming to the Internet soon.  Very soon.

2 thoughts on “McKinney-Oates Christmas Cereal: The Blogical

  1. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I can not wait!! Seriously!! I.can.not.wait. This is going to be great!!

  2. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    Me either!

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