Merry Christmas: The Blogical

The night before the night before Christmas (the 23rd for those of you already confused)

“Nala, I am so excited! This is my very.first.Christmas. What are we going to do??” asked Omi (short for Omiyage) the little black cat in the pink sweater.

“Nothing. We do nothing. Christmas sucks. My Cat Dad, Mark is nice enough, but that crazy human lady he runs around with? Yeah. Thank her for the sweaters. Face it, Omi, Christmas is nothing but an over commercialized time of the year that sends people into deep emotional and financial depressions. We are forced to believe that it is a time that is filled with joy, love, and God in baby form, and when we aren’t filled with the wonderful emotions that society talks about we fall into a lonely depression and attempt to use Retail Therapy in the name of generosity to crawl out of the miserable hole we find ourselves in…”

“Who peed in your eggnog? I think you need a shot of catnip…C’mon, let’s finish our nighttime bathroom ritual, and get to bed.”


“Hello, beautiful Fur Babies! Time for our bed time story! Come and gather around…” the crazy Human Lady I cried.

“Tonight, I’m going to tell you a story about a mean, mean grouch who tried to ruin Christmas…”

“I think she’s talking about you,” Omi whispered to Nala.

“Do not make me pop a cap in your-”

“Kittens?” I interrupted, “Let’s focus on the story, m’kay? Great.”


We read through the standard Christmas story of a mean grouch who is redeemed because of the love of Christ disguised as the Spirit of Old St. Nick.

After the story the Kittens settled in for the night before the night before Christmas…


And they entered the Christmas dreamworld…(this is the best we could do to get the musical part on the blog part… heh.  I hope you ‘enjoy’ it!)

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