Hump Day: A True Kodak Moment

“I’m a freakin’ genius.  I have a brilliant business idea,”  I declared one night.

“What now?”

“Guys like porn…”

“You want in on the porn industry?”

Ohmigosh, shutup and listen.  “Nooo, but what if, instead of looking at plastic strangers who would never give you the time of day, you were looking at your wife?”

“So I’d look at pictures of you?  Um, how is this not going into porn?”

“Boudoir photography, Mark!  A photographer takes sexy photos of a lady so that she can give her person something tasty to feast his eyes on.  I’ve been searching for photographers here in Nashville that do this, and no one does it!  Can you believe it?  This is a market just waiting to get tapped!”

I had visions of hosting something similar to a Passion Party just with pictures.  A group of ladies could get together at a hotel room, drink tipsy-inducing beverages, and have a great night flirting with the camera.  And so that I could be involved, I’d give therapist tips on sex and intimacy.

Pure genius.

Unfortunately, I’m not a photographer and couldn’t make the dream a reality on my own.  I emailed some female photographers and pitched my idea.  I’m not sure what part of “take pictures of scantily clad women” scared them off, but no one bit.  No one even responded.  The dream was dead.

The good news is that I regularly read, even though I’m not planning a wedding (because it is that awesome).  And wouldn’t you know that yesterday she introduced us to Boudoir Photography in Nashville?  That’s right, my dream is alive and kicking thanks to Dove Wedding Photography, who is hosting one of these photo sessions, a Sweets Event, on January 24th and 25th where ladies will get an hour long photoshoot, champagne, and their makeup done by a profession makeup artist.  All they are missing is the therapist with tips on amazing foreplay…

I honestly can’t think of a better present for the man in your life.  You may not think it’s that big of a deal that you literally live in your sweats.  Or that you rarely initiate sex with a seductive crawl across the bed.  Or that your hair is often mistaken for a bird’s nest.  But it matters to your man because men are visual.  That was important, I’ll repeat.  Men are visual.

This Hump Day give him something to look at… then take a picture!

3 thoughts on “Hump Day: A True Kodak Moment

  1. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    This is so funny! You are always reading my mind. At my friend’s baby shower 10 days ago, one of the other hostesses was telling all of us about this. She had an appointment to have these “tasteful yet sexy” pictures made for her husband. Exactly what you are describing! I don’t know what company/photographer she is using but I told her that I wanted to know about her experience. If she ever tells me, I’ll share!!

  2. We are so on the same page, always! I was just about to email you about the boudoir pics b/c I knew you’d love the concept too!

  3. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    CT, please let me know how that goes if you find out. I’m such a prude sometimes, that I wonder if they’d be able to help me loosen up with a camera around, ya know?

    ABG, I’m seriously so flattered that boudoir pics made you think of me! It is such a great idea, I’m glad you let us know about it.

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