Asking for what you want: Haircuts

“Marie, you tend to be a bit passive. Whereas Mark has a much more dominant personality. In your relationship, and I’m sure that you’ve noticed this, you hold back from letting Mark know what you want or need. And at times Mark’s natural dominance allows you to believe that his needs or wants are more important than yours.” – Our premarital counselor

No crap, Sherlock.

I’m passive. Mark’s, honestly, not even that dominant. It’s just that, next to me, wet dish rags appear ferocious.

No where is my passivity seen more clearly seen that when I’m sitting in a salon waiting for a haircut. (Well, there and when I’m attacked by stray dogs.)

It never fails. I spend hours looking for the haircut of my dreams.


I print the picture, and carry it around in my purse for a week wondering if I’m really up for such a drastic change. Because when you have hair this long…


…it takes lots of courage to just hack it off.  (And that’s my snuggie… it’s awesome)

Once I am finally sitting in the seat de haircut, I am ready for a new ‘do.

“What are we doing today?” the stylist will ask, and do you know what I will say? Do you know what I will say as I stuff the picture to the bottom of my purse?

I will say, “Oh, I don’t really know… just whatever you think will look good. Maybe just a trim… I don’t think I could pull of a short ‘do.”

Really? You don’t think you could pull off a short ‘do? You have spent every evening pulling your hair into odd ponytails in order to get an idea of what a short cut would look like. You have drooled over all things short-haired: dogs, cats, and Anne Hathaway. You’ve talked about how this short hair will help you become more assertive, sophisticated, adult.

You were ready, and you blew it because you’re a wimp. W-I-M-P.

But do you know that this was not the case yesterday? Yesterday, I went to a lovely stylist, Tara at Eyecandy, and got the cut of my dreams…

It’s short.  Promise.

Do you know how I managed this? I told her what I wanted.

I said what I wanted (“Um, here is the picture. I want it short. And I promise I’ll straighten it every single day. Please give me short hair!”), and she did her job. A-freakin’-mazing.

Ask and you shall receive, indeed!

5 thoughts on “Asking for what you want: Haircuts

  1. Michelle says:

    Nice! I really like it. You look like a movie star. I cannot remember your hair ever being that short. I cut my hair about that short the Friday after Thanksgiving. And I am brunette. Mom was here in Kansas City, and she got the Victoria Beckham graduated bob.

  2. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    I LOVE it Marie!! It looks so good!! I’ve never seen you with short hair before. I LOVE it!! Way to go! 😉

    About the snuggie…I’m jealous. That was something I wanted for Christmas. 😦 Might have been a nice gift from the DH since he couldn’t come up with anything else. Loser. Anyway – I want one! Where’d you get it? Is it wonderful? Like, should I rush out to where ever they are sold and buy one today?? (Where do they sell them?) Give me a review!

    Can we hang out again soon?? 🙂

  3. mckinneyoatescereal says:

    Michelle, thank you! I don’t think it ever has been this short! When Mark saw it he said, “You look like… your mom!” Which is certainly a compliment (she’s a lovely lady), but for some reason not exactly words you want to hear after such a drastic change!

    And oh my goodness, but for the first time you and I might be twins with short brown hair! Hot dog! Dreams do come true!

    CT, aww, thanks 😀 It was hard to finally do it, but I’m so glad I did… I feel like a grown up!

    I am going to need to hear about this ‘no presents’ thing… did he forget? Or did you guys decide to not bother? Mark and I just did small things for each other… the snuggie was the “biggest” present. He ordered it online (buy one get one free for like $30 or $40)… I’m not sure if they sell them anywhere “in real life”.

    I really like the snuggie… it makes surfing the internet so much easier because my arms never go uncovered. Another interesting perk is that technically you could keep covered up even when you go to the bathroom. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m sure it will happen tonight (good night, it’s cold!) 😀 I think it’s a good thing to have around… Mark says it’s just wearing a bathrobe backwards (but he likes his, too)

    And yes, let’s hang out!! Lunch? Or perhaps shopping on a Saturday afternoon?

  4. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    So the snuggie isn’t like a dress/shirt? It has an opening in the back a la hospital gowns?? That’s not nice!

    Sounds good. I eat lunch everyday…so that’s cool. OR shopping is fun too!! Whichever! OR both! 🙂 ha

    PS. That was the first time I saw the elephant/dog story. So sweet! Almost brought a tear to my eye. So sweet. I love animals!

  5. Snuggie says:

    snuggie for the win!

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