Hump Day: Obama Baby Boom

After Obama was elected some people predicted that there would be an Obama Baby Boom because couples would be consumed with passion over the “historic” (aren’t all past events historic?) outcome.  Unfortunately, unprotected celebratory sex was not happening at my house on election night because every time I started chanting “Barack rocks!” and “Go, Obama, it’s your birthday!” Mark would start to gag.  To be honest, I’m not so sure that it was the chants that made him sick.  I think it was more about the accompanying dance moves:  The Cabbage Patch and The Running Man, to be precise.

Regardless, Obama’s presidency has stirred up all sorts of emotions.  Hope, fear, love, hate, relief, and depression, to name a few.  What’s great, and why I think Newsweek may be on to something with the Obama Baby Boom, is that emotions are an awesome reason to get. It. on.

Hope is the ultimate aphrodisiac, it’s the emotion that drives both sex and the Obama presidency.  Sex is built on hope.  Hope that you’ll be closer to this other person than when you started.  Hope that you’ll get to the “promised land” this time.  Hope that the condom doesn’t break.  Lots of hope is required for a great sex life.  Feel free to direct some of that Obama-inspired hope over to the bedroom, Lord knows he has plenty.

Some Americans are  understandably distraught about the new President.  Your guy lost, this new administration is going to take all your money and give it to bums with drug addictions, and you don’t have enough money to move to Canada.  I totally get it.  You’re depressed.  Make sad nookie as a way to grieve the death of total Republican control.  It’ll make you feel better, and there’s no hangover!

Love Obama?  Hate Obama? No one cares!  Love and hate are essentially the same thing, both exist because of passion.  Let your passion consume you in the bedroom… just be careful not to scream out Obama’s name, that could be just a leetle bit awkward.

Don’t let your feelings about our new President get in the way of some great post-Inauguration Day action!

2 thoughts on “Hump Day: Obama Baby Boom

  1. Michelle says:

    Great post! You have such insight and talent!

    (All past events are not “historic,” but they are historical. Historical means “having to do with or relating to history” or “historic ” means “important in history.” And that is about all I remember from being a history major.)

    • Marie says:

      Michelle, thanks! So what you’re saying is that when Bobby was born it was historical, and when I was born it was historic… yeah, I think I get it 😀

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