What the FUDGE, dude?

Mark:  You might not want to use “WTF” on your blog.

Marie:  Oh.  Yeah…you’re right…ummm… why?

Mark:  You know what it stands for, don’t you?

Marie:  Oooohhh.  Good point…

Mark:  Yeah.

Marie:  I should spell the whole thing out.  You’re smart.

*Not real sure when the Censorship Committee met, but I’m wondering how va-jayjay and pa-naynay stayed under the radar.

2 thoughts on “What the FUDGE, dude?

  1. wende says:

    Walter Tango Foxtrot. 😉

  2. Marie says:

    Wende, ha! Oh, how I wish I had remembered that!

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