I’m into toilet paper. Cat toilet paper.

First, I have amazing luck when it comes to winning competitions that require no skill.  I once won a Reagan coin in drawing at one of my brother’s Boy Scout meetings.  And when I was 16 I won 100 chicken sandwiches from Chik-fil-a.  I don’t know about you, but when I die there will be no question about whether I fulfilled my potential.

Second, I’ve been waiting for a reason to post a certain picture without coming off like a complete freak about my cats.

So here goes…

‘Member how I told you about that giveaway at Alice.com?  Mommy bloggers?  Win a video camera?  Keep up with me, People.

Well, to win the camera you have to answer this question:

What household product are you most loyal to and why?

My first thought was, what’s a household product?  And why on earth would you be loyal to one?  My husband eats McDonald’s every night.  You seriously think I clean?

Then I thought, well, Alice talks about toilet paper all the time.  I could just get on their good side and say I was just madly in love with the toilet paper with the bear spokesperson (spokesbear?).  But then I thought, no, that’s too much like the girl that pretends to understand, and love, baseball.  No one likes fakenicity. ( I just pulled up that link and found out that they like the toilet paper with the puppy. Dodged a bullet there, huh?)

And then I got creative.

I’m not loyal to any particular toilet paper, but I am loyal to kitty litter.  Which is toilet paper for cats.

And when your cat is a superhero like mine…

Super Nala

Super Nala

you use only the best.

(I did not “create” this picture.  He plays with plastic bags all the time and usually ends up wearing them.  The only reason I took the picture was because this time he walked around the house with it on for, like, AN HOUR.  Consequently, I was laughing for, like, an hour.)

And the best, when it comes to kitty toilet paper litter is Scoop Away.  It’s clumpability makes for easy clean up.  And the smell?  Heaven.

Scoop Away.  The kitty litter for cats that are Super.

Super Cats love Scoop Away

Super Cats love Scoop Away

Now go and tell Alice about your favorite household product.

7 thoughts on “I’m into toilet paper. Cat toilet paper.

  1. Susan says:

    Great job, girlfriend! I hope you win!

    • Marie says:

      Susan, thanks! The good thing is that you don’t have to write something amazing, just write something. Seriously, go enter!

  2. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    I LOVE the pictures!!

    I can’t believe you won 100 Chik-fil-a sandwiches!!! Did you eat them all? How did they keep track? Did they give you the “oh it’s free sandwich girl” look everytime they saw you??

    • Marie says:

      CT, I’m glad it’s not just me and my motherly bias 😀 Nala was just too cute that afternoon. I could just eat him up! And getting that pic of him on the kitty litter box was dang near impossible.

      And with the sandwiches, Chik-fil-a gave me 100 coupons for free sandwiches. I kinda spaced out my use, and gave away lots of them, so I don’t think I became that girl… but who knows? I’m not sure why, but winning those sandwiches makes me feel really proud. And that’s sad.

  3. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    umm, that’s a major accomplishment! I would’ve been proud too!! 😉 ha

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