Best Birthday Week Ever!

Ok, normally I make a big deal about the week leading up to my birthday, but I decided that 26 is old grownup, so I’m going to play it cool.  No big deals, no birthday lists, no “It’s my birthday, Mark, I can do whatever I want” tantrums.

I was going to be this thing called mature.  Heard of it?

But it was like God looked at me and was all, “I didn’t make you to be mature.  I made you to be Marie!”

So all sorts of giddiness inducing events have happened during the week leading up to my birthday…

The streak continues…
I won that camera!  The contest I told you to go enter?  Yeah.  Won it.  Because of a random number generator. 
Giddiness Rating- 5 stars because it’s free.  And I might become an internet phenom when I make my love for Scoop Away known via Flip Mino.

Dreams come true
Watching America’s Next Top Model and find out that they will be casting for models under 5’7”.  Yeah.  I’m under 5’7”.  Tyra, I’m looking forward to meeting you.
Giddiness Rating- 3 stars because it’s more my mom’s dream than mine, and Mark keeps laughing at my runway walk.  Not cool, dude, not cool.

The office Fantasy SEC Basketball League?  Who won it?  Yeah.  Me and my co-worker, Tina.  I picked the team, she covered the entry fee.  Our dynamic coaching/managerial skills meant that we (the only females) won the whole kit and caboodle.  Because we’re amazing.
Giddiness Rating- 2 stars because I didn’t have enough time to send out a trash talk email.  Once that is out, Giddiness Ratings will reach approximately 4.7.

Even without trying my Birthday Week turned out pretty awesome.  Thank you, God,, Tyra, and A.J. Ogilvy.  Life is good.

3 thoughts on “Best Birthday Week Ever!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Yay! Happy Birthday! And 26 is NOT old 🙂

    • Marie says:

      Rebecca, thank you, and I know it isn’t old, but it just feels so weird to be definitivley closer to 30 than 20. But you’re right. I’m not old. I’m not old. I’m not old… 🙂

      CT, ha thanks! It was pretty exciting when I found out we had won the basketball thing. I really am starting to believe I’m the luckiest person on the planet (every time I say that my mom says, “Marie, you’re blessed, not lucky” and she’s right) 🙂

  2. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    Umm…incase you don’t know already…you are pretty freakin awesome! You won 2 contests in one week!!! You are SO cool!

    Happy birthday, again!!

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