What Nima’s birthday party taught me about God

One of my favorite memories is from my last prom.  We were at Ruth Chris, trying our darndest to be sophisticated, and the waiter is taking our order.  He starts with my friend Nima and asks, “Soup or salad?”  Nima becomes very excited and says, “Super salad!  I’d love a Super Salad!  Awesome!”  The waiter had to awkwardly burst poor Nima’s bubble and let him know that the salad was, unfortunately, not super and that he simply had a choice between regular soup or regular salad. 

I still giggle when this comes to my mind.

Nima’s level of sophistication has grown leaps and bounds since his days of the Super Salad.  I mean, when you go from this…


to this…


Well, ok, maybe not leaps and bounds, but he’s better off than where he started, right?

This weekend was Nima’s 25th birthday party, and it was quite the event.  Everyone else may have been impressed with the beautiful people and trendy red couches, but me?  I was impressed because I am positive I saw God in various ways.

God makes you wait.  And so does Nima.
Nima was late.  Really late.  To his party, nonetheless.  In Nima’s world, however, he was right. on. time. 

Same goes for God.  We’re on His schedule, He’s not on ours.  And expecting anything different makes you look like a fool.  The difference is that every day is God’s day, and Nima only gets March 15th.  Sorry, buddy.

Anything is possible.
The whole recession thing has plenty of people down in the dumps.  We’re getting laid off, we’re stressed out, we’re not living the life we thought we deserved.  We’re feeling kinda hopeless.  For all of you, I would like to introduce you to Big Vinny doing The Worm.

This guy was at Nima’s party because Nima hobknobs with celebrities.  Watching this large man move his body like this reminded me that nothing is impossible with God.  People, he even did the splits!  I just couldn’t find it on YouTube.

There is always room for improvement when it comes to God’s creation.
Ok.  That’s not true.  God designed everything the way it is supposed to be, but considering there were enough fake boobs to have a, um, fake boob party I thought maybe I had missed a memo in the church bulletin:  Silicon Bags are Holy Bags. 

All things considered, I want to thank Nima for making God real for me while I held my girlfriends’ purses.  Nima, you are great!  And old.

2 thoughts on “What Nima’s birthday party taught me about God

  1. Xjaeva says:

    That was a great post!
    The super salad had me cracking up! I read that then got a call and I almost had to let it ring through because I couldn’t stop laughing.
    I definitely appreciate the message about God!


  2. Marie says:

    Jeannette, I’m so glad that you enjoyed the Super Salad story. I tell that story all the time in real life, and all I get are polite smiles. I’m glad that someone FINALLY gets it.

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