Hump Day: “Hard to get” as a marketing tool

God told Adam and Eve to eat from any tree they would like.  Except for one.  Where do you think they took their new friend Snake to lunch that day?  Forbidden Fruit & Co., of course!

Tell your sixteen year old daughter to stay away from guys with long hair, and you shouldn’t be surprised when Heavy Metal Harry shows up at your doorstep.

Put a velvet rope and a bouncer in front of the entrance to Wal-Mart and people will be clamoring for a chance to buy their favorite Made in China item.

We get all Liz Lemon “I want to go to there” as soon as we hear that seductive “No”.  Simply put, people want what they can’t have.

Logic would say that the best way to get someone to want you is to put all your goodies up for show.  Start handing your stuff out like the little old sample ladies at Sam’s Club.

But Logic is wrong.  Very, very wrong.

Cover your goodies up!  Put your goodies in a private VIP room in the back of the club.  Make ’em go through, like, 7 velvet ropes before they can even be in the same vicinity as your goodies.

The less accessible your goodies are the more he’ll want them.  Am I saying “Be a tease”?  Yeah, I guess so.  Isn’t this advice from that idiotic book The Rules?  Umm, yeah.  Page 143.

Fine, the advice is “old-fashioned”.  But it’s marketing genius.  Lower supply and create demand.  Duh.

So put on a turtleneck.

(None of this advice applies to people with a really good set of goodies.  If you have a great pair of goodies flaunt them.  Those things don’t last forever.)

4 thoughts on “Hump Day: “Hard to get” as a marketing tool

  1. Rebecca says:

    Haha, just the marketing advice I needed today 🙂

  2. jamievaron says:

    Although — don’t we need the attention in the first place in order to play hard to get?

    How do we walk that fine line?

    • Marie says:

      Ha, I was thinking the same thing when I wrote it… how do you get attention first to ignore attention later? And I have no clue. But 2 things did come to mind:

      1) Damsel in Distress – This always seems to get guys’ attention. They love to have the superhero in them stroked occasionally (that sounded bad). Lots of girls are too strong and independent to pull this off. I, on the other hand, am amazing at it.

      2) Create Buzz – Remember in the movie Never Been Kissed Drew Barrymore’s brother who is cool makes her cool by association by saying he used to date her. So everyone becomes interested in her because an already cool person was associating with her. It’s kind of like a viral campaign. Built on a lie. Not how I would recommend starting a relationship, but I think it would work 😀

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