Hump Day: Be Wise, Make Love

When Mark and I got married we received a wedding card that actually stood out, which is dang near impossible to do.  In the card the man wrote, “I hope you two are as happy as my wife and I”. 

This stuck out to me because when I got married I heard far more “You’re not going to be in love forever” advice than “This is the best decision of your life” advice.  Which is sad.

This man had a reputation for loving his wife.  A reputation, People.  There was plenty to admire about this man, but loving his wife the way he did somehow stood out above pretty much anything else.

His wife passed away yesterday.  There are the obvious reasons to be sad.  However, I’m finding myself focusing on their wisdom.  Their wisdom to appreciate the relationship that God had gifted to them.  He had given them this relationship and they enjoyed it to the absolute fullest.

Before we begin to wail “Why don’t I have that kind of love in my life!” I would challenge you to be wise enough to see each of the relationships in your life as a personal gift from God.  More than likely, you have been blessed with an abundance of loving, wonderful people in your life and you just haven’t had the wisdom to be thankful for them.

Enjoy the gift of relationship that God has given us, and make all kinds of love today.  Send an E-card.  Give a hug.  Squeeze her hand and say ‘I love you’.  Buy your kid’s favorite ice cream for dessert tonight.  Tell your employer thank you.  Tell your boss thank you.  Call your Starbuck’s barista by her name.  Ask someone how their day is going and care about the answer.  Pray for someone.  Pray with someone.  Make love.

Be wise.  Make love.

2 thoughts on “Hump Day: Be Wise, Make Love

  1. Rebekah says:

    Marie, I am so sorry about your friend! I hope he is doing okay. You know, my first year of marriage was really rough, but I knew that leaving / divorcing was not an option for us. I made a conscience decision to love Jeremy. It was no longer about any “feelings”, but I made my mind take over and I chose to really love him despite all of his little faults that screamed at me everyday. I can honestly say that I don’t believe I know anyone who is happier in their marriage than we are. Not that we don’t have problems and complaints, but we don’t dwell. The strangest thing happened when I made a decision to let my mind love him…the feelings came back! Amazing!

    • Marie says:

      Rebekah, thank you so much for this comment. And what you described, making a decision to love, is what I think every successful relationship does. So many people are ruled by feelings, and always wanting to “feel” in love which will never happen. I think you two are adorable.

      And as a general “update” on my challenge: I am horrible at it. My mom called last night and interrupted my planned “Marie time”, and I was all upset that she wanted to talk for, like an hour. Anyways, we get off the phone and I realize that there are so many people out there who would probably give anything for the opportunity to talk their mom for an hour. So I burst into tears, and call my mom back… and she was already on the phone with someone else. Loser 😀

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