Marie – The Happiness Fairy

Marie:  I just got an email from a client thanking me for their premarital sessions.  They’re really getting something from it!

Mark:  That’s great, Sweetie!

Insert high-five.

Marie:  Forget putting “marriage counselor” on my business cards because a better description of my services is, like, a… fairy… a Happiness Fairy. (tap Mark daintily on the nose to indicate my fairy-ness)

Mark:  You want to put Happiness Fairy on your business cards?  Dork.

Marie:  I’m sorry the Happiness Fairy can’t hear negativity, what was that?

Mark:  I’m going to remind you of this Happiness Fairy stuff when you’re being mean to me.

Marie:  The Happiness Fairy is never mean!  Blasphemy!  Don’t make me sic my Kittens of Truth and Kindness on you…

Mark:  You’ve lost. your. mind.

Lost my mind?  Or realized my purpose in life?

Happiness Fairy out.

3 thoughts on “Marie – The Happiness Fairy

  1. Secret Agent "CT" says:

    LOL!! Ohh Marie!! You are a happiness fairy! You always make me smile! 🙂

  2. Marie says:

    CT, awww, thanks! It’s hard to be the Happiness Fairy, especially when that Tooth Fairy tramp gets all the attention… that wasn’t very “happy” of me, was it? 😀

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